Sally A Curtis - voted Top 20 Australia Female Podcaster

300+ Interviews & counting!

On the Success Secrets Exposed Show,

Sally has intimate conversations with today's

thought leaders, change-makers, and disrupters.

To bring you tools, strategies and insightful perspectives on personal & business growth,

revealing the humaneness of success and challenge.

Voted Top 20 Female Australian Podcaster in 2023 by Feedspot.

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Upcoming Legacy Leavers Series

'The 'Legacy Leavers Series' is an impactful extension of the Success Secrets Exposed Show. Our mission: 'Spread Wisdom for Global Good.'

'Legacy Leavers' celebrates thought leaders whose shared wisdom sparks change, influences communities, and shapes tomorrow's narratives.

It's more than a series; it's a dynamic movement. Tune in, share, and become a legacy leaver – actively amplifying wisdom for a global impact. Together, let's craft a lasting legacy where insights transform into action.

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Some love words from clients

Kris Ward

Win the Hour, Win the Day

Sally delivers!

She does content repurposing in a whole new way! Bigger results, less effort... it's easy, achievable and leverages your time!

The phrase "content repurposing" really minimizes her expertise because it's so MUCH more than that!

Shaune Clarke

Digital Currency, Investor, Educator, Author & Consultant

I've been a speaker and workshop leader for 3 decades.

With each passing year it just get's harder and harder to fill rooms, yet Sally does it over and over again - seemingly effortlessly.

It's like watching Picasso paint - effortless genius!

Victor Cahu

Ironwood Institute - Marketing Coordinator & Social Media Marketing Trainer

We had the pleasure of having Sally giving us a lecture at the Ironwood Institute and It was such a great and insightful experience!

Sally has lots of experience and in her presentation, we could all learn more about how to blend both digital marketing techniques and humanised marketing to get the best results for our clients!

I highly recommend you all to follow her work and events!

Jane Anderson

Personal Branding & Influencer Marketing Expert & Voted Top 3 Branding Experts Globally

Sally did a fabulous job speaking to our local PSA chapter on our marketing and business growth activities.

Her session was via remote dial in and worked perfectly.

Fun, practical, creative and insightful. Thanks so much Sally!

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