About Sally

Sally Curtis’ is a self-made, serial entrepreneur and an inspiring Australian success story, both personally and professionally, as a brand.

As a Content Creator & Repurposing Specialist, Sally has been developing and evolving her business for over two decades and is considered Australia’s leading expert in her field by her clients and peers.

Best known for transforming books into years worth of dynamic visual content for her clients, Sally provides consistency and leverage for brands in a world where the desire for original social media and constant new content is insatiable.

But Sally’s story starts with self-development.

It was a chance glimpse into a network marketing company in her 20’s that ignited Sally’s passion for lifelong learning and strong connection to people and their stories.

Sally’s innate intuition and finely tuned EQ saw her clients and peers gravitate towards her personality and passion. What Sally didn’t realise for the longest time was that her natural ability to network and connect with people was her superpower.

Unbeknownst to Sally, her talent was being noticed.

She was approached by several of Australia's most influential business leaders and swiftly scouted to head up Business Development, filling rooms with thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs at some of the biggest industry events around the country and converting them into clients.

Sally was so successful at filling events and attracting clients she soon found herself on stage.

Speaking to packed audiences around the country, Sally shared her secrets and strategies for attracting clients, creating systems and leveraging networking opportunities to grow both a business and a brand.

But it was an off-hand comment by a coaching client that gifted Sally her watershed moment.

“For god’s sake, Sally. You’ve got enough content to write a book!”

Sally promptly transformed her entire Training Manual and a 45-minute instructional video into two books and the Sally A Curtis Content Marketing Brand was born.

Her six team now works with high-profile industry leaders and publishing and media houses worldwide to maximise visibility with dynamic visual content.

Sally’s personal challenges have also helped shape her professional resilience and inspired her to have the courage to take risks and influence people.

Walking out of a 23-year-long relationship with her young son, homeless and with just $3,000 in the bank, Sally had no choice but to feel the fear of failure, reinvent herself and build a life of her own design.

Now, in an effort to give back to a community that supported her during a difficult period, Sally has partnered with Homes for Homes (created by the Big Issue) to help others get back on their feet.

Sally was recently voted in the # 20 Australian Female Podcasters as the Host of Success Secret Exposed. She is the Past President of Professional Speakers South Australia and a proud single mother to an extraordinary (now) 20-year-old son.

Homes for Homes

Homes for Homes, an independent, not-for-profit organisation, established by Australia’s largest and most successful social enterprise, The Big Issue.

Over the past 25 years we have provided marginalised people in our community with a means to work and earn. We want to end homelessness and with everyone’s help, we will.

Homes for Homes is raising new funding to increase the supply of social and affordable housing via voluntary tax-deductible donations on property transactions.


It is a long-term generational scheme that will create a critical source of new funding to increase supply of social and affordable housing.

Designed to complement government and other activity, funds raised through Homes for Homes will be invested with experienced housing providers and managers to increase supply of social and affordable dwellings.

My role is to support the expansion, growth & collaborative relationships here in the South Australian market place, my home town.

Property Council Of Australia SA - Christmas Event 2023

The Team of Volunteers!!

And part of the venue, it was a huge marquee with 1200 people.

Fun Facts & Family

Sally has always been creative, resourseful and innovative!

Yes quirky, outside of the box, caringly passionate (bossy) and fun.

With a love of nature. And walking.

So, the beautiful Adelaide Hills helps to reconnect, reawaken and reboot her intuition, energy and awareness.

Rory, at 4, as Jonny Touch from the Fantasic 5

The kilt I made for a 6ft cow!

My spirit animal - Ferrets!

♦️And yes she did, indeed used to race ferrets!

In her words….Ferrets rock. Free-spirited, joyous, cheeky and eternally mischievous. They play loudly then snuggle up and sleep peacefully with a ‘smile’ on their ferrety faces.

♦️A closet costume creator… without sewing.

Glue gun, sticky tape and stapler are my weapons of choice. Superhero and alien outfits for my son, Rory are some of the highlights, along with a 6-foot Aussie Farmers cow mascot, Mootilda… in a Scottish kilt.

♦️The nano-second Rory her son and her wake up they don’t stop talking, laughing, having fun and enjoying life. They both can talk underwater with marbles in their mouths.
It’s inherited!!

♦️Two favourite Sally quotes:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

… and…

“Opportunities are a daily occurrence and often hidden in plain sight.”

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