We offer a range of consulting & mentoring opportunities to suit you!

I love to share my wisdom to help you or your community grow, so please reach out if you need a panelist,

speaker or guest to serve your community.

Strategic Consulting

For an exclusive and tailored experience, delve into private one-on-one sessions with Sally to create a game plan for strategic growth.

🌟 Strategically plan your next 90 day quarter,

🌟 Craft a robust content strategy,

🌟 Strategise your topics,

🌟 Refine your implementation strategy,

🌟 Fortify your team's training with personalised support,

🌟 Keep the momentum growing,

🌟 Discern or determine the next best steps of an opportunity.

Choose flexible sessions spanning 2-4 hours, designed to suit your schedule and goals.

Investment is $690 AUD for 2 hours

Spotlight Coaching

Support whenever you need it, as often as necessary — 15 minutes in 3-month blocks.

You're smart and savvy, so you want quick results to clear those business roadblocks quickly (without the fluff & expense) with someone you can trust.

You're successful already, but know it is just often that half a step you are missing or that 1% change you need.

And you want a sounding board with practical help to clear those roadblocks.

You know what needs to be done, but sometimes those things get pushed to one side - you get busy working in your business rather than on your business.

Spotlight coaching with Sally A Curtis gives you three months of unlimited coaching support with a low investment of $2,497 AUD and high-value growth and implementation support.

By phone or Zoom, you book what you need and when.

Speaking & Guesting

Invite Sally, a seasoned content monetization expert, to invigorate your events as a captivating speaker or podcast guest to provide transformative insights that redefine content success.

Gain exclusive access to invaluable insights on:

♦️ Monetising Your Content

♦️ Turning Your Existing Content into New Profits

♦️ Consistency the Greatest Differentiator of All

Sally brings over 25 years of prowess in marketing, business development, and sales across diverse industries. Her impactful strategies have amplified retail, media, events, and franchising growth.

With a captivating and engaging persona, Sally simplifies marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes, delivering rapid profitability.

Renowned for her work with Australia's leading entrepreneurs, Sally's innovative planning and groundbreaking marketing methodologies foster exponential leads and sales.

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Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients


Garie Dooley

High Performance Teams

Sally has been instrumental in enabling me to set the platform for the next stage of growth for my practice. She made a real effort to understand the nature of my work, how I typically delivered it, and what my key messages needed to be.

As a result, I was able to build trust with her and faith in her team, in getting articles, databases and any other growth platforms organised professionally, efficiently and with attention to detail.Sally holds me to account, and will ensure that any commitments we make together are delivered with quality and in a timely manner.

Sally also has the unique ability to introduce new skills for me to develop that have also added enormous value to my mode of delivery. At the moment, Sally is proving to be a genuine asset to my practice, and has no doubt accelerated both my personal and practice growth.


Katherine Evans

Customer Experience Trainer & Offline Retail Specialist

Sally’s ability to capture the essence of what you do and help you monetise you opportunities are amazing. The growth and movement I have made to my business in the short time I have been working with Sally has been well worth the investment. Thanks again Sally.


Elizabeth Williamson

Relationships, Resilience and Conflict Resolution Expert

Sally is a truely insightful, knowledgable and an exceptional marketing leader. She knows how to combine her passion for small business, innovation and linking people together with her commitment to building exceptional relationships.

Sally is a talented coach who has helped me get a wide view of my potential market and she fosters strategic linkages and strategies to build business success.

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