Are you or your community Stuck with Content Creation or Strategy?

Are they looking to transform their overlooked content into their greatest asset for growth and profit?

Meet Sally: The Feisty Bitesize Content Crusader

Transforming Content into Dynamic Assets for Explosive Growth

Welcome! I'm Sally A. Curtis, a seasoned professional speaker on content strategy and marketing, known for turning the conventional on its head.

As your Feisty Bitesize Content Crusader, I'm dedicated to slicing through the clutter and transforming dense material into digestible, engaging bitesize content that drives real-world results.

When you are easy to consume, you are inevitable to buy. You are their Obvious Choice!

What I Bring to Your Event:

Strategic Content Monetisation & Creation with a Twist:

I don't just talk about content—I make it a battle cry for action!

In a feisty and fun way!

Join me to revolutionize how you think about, simplify and utilise content, ensuring that every piece you create is potently - connects builds conversations and converts into profitable outcomes.

My favourite topic, which is often called the "Sally Nag" for, is on Consistency.

I believe that to truly succeed, we must be consistent and connect deeply with our audience to foster meaningful conversations that convert.

We do this through emotive bite-size content that touches hearts and souls.

Key Topics and Impactful Sessions:

Brand Consistency: The Greatest Differentiator of All!

Dive deep into how brand consistency is a significant differentiator in crowded markets. My presentationsare packedwith strategiesonintegrating visual consistency, valuable educational content, and a strong brand identity to boost audience engagement and drive conversions.

Increase Trust & Gain Speed to Market: Mastering Bitesize Content for Accelerated Impact

Discover how to break down traditional content into powerful bitesize pieces in this dynamic workshop. I cover essential techniques for seeing beyond the obvious—transforming books, articles, and long-form content into high-value, profitable assets that significantly reduce time to market.

Turning Your Existing Content into New Profits

Learn how to turn existing content into continuous revenue streams in today's digital frenzy. This session will teach you to harness the full potential of your content, transforming everything from interviews to presentations into profitable assets.

Why Work With Me?

As a speaker celebrated for my engaging style, I excel in conveying complex strategies in an accessible manner. My workshops and sessions are designed to transform how you view and utilize your content archives—turning them from static resources into active, dynamic assets that continuously fuel your business's growth.

Specializing in bitesize content, I teach you how to craft messages that capture attention and make your content easy to consume and offers easy to purchase.

Together, we'll turn the mundane into the magnificent and make you sought-after and sold-out - The Obvious Expert in your marketplace.

My Engagements

I've shared my strategies and insights at prestigious forums such as the

♦️Speakers Alchemy Network,

♦️Your Success Club,

♦️Women's Prosperity Network,

♦️Professional Speakers Australia, and many more.

Each session is meticulously crafted to inspire attendees and equip them with practical tools to make their content work harder and smarter. As a specialist in bitesize content, I focus on creating digestible, impactful messages that are easy to consume and compelling enough to drive purchases.

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