5-Day Content Creation


Are you a coach or consultant eager to create impactful content but struggling to find the right direction?

Who is the Content Creation Challenge for?

This challenge is tailor-made for passionate Quest Starters – coaches and consultants at the early stages of their business journey.

If you're enthusiastic about serving others but finding it challenging to clarify your niche, struggling with inconsistent revenue, low visibility, or feeling undervalued, this challenge is your content clarity gateway!

Who is the Content Creation Challenge for?

In just 5 days, we'll walk you through the essential steps to ease your content creation journey.

From pinpointing your niche market and establishing strong foundations to mastering research techniques, leveraging AI-driven tools for inspiration, crafting visually stunning content, and wrapping it all up with finesse – you'll gain invaluable insights and hands-on experience.

Let's Talk About Your Journey Ahead!

You might be feeling a bit lost in the world of content creation, and I understand that. I have been there believe me!!

But here's the exciting part: together, we're going to navigate through this maze and emerge with a clear path forward!

Your Story Matters:

You, like many of us on a quest, may be passionate about coaching or consulting but facing challenges – unsure of your niche, struggling with inconsistent revenue, or feeling undervalued.

That's why I'm here to guide you through this journey towards content clarity! To help you share your unique wisdom with the world.

Benefits of Attending:

Collectively, we're going to dive headfirst into the world of content creation.

Together, we'll uncover your niche, build a strong foundation, master research techniques, get creative with AI tools, design visually appealing content, and polish it all to perfection.

What's in it for You:

1️⃣ Clarity & Direction:

This journey will empower you to create content that speaks directly to your audience's needs and interests. Imagine having a clear roadmap for your content strategy!

2️⃣ Enhancing Your Skills:

Get ready to acquire new skills! We're going to dive into research techniques, leverage AI tools, and create content that truly stands out. Your content game is about to level up!

3️⃣ Validating Your Aspirations:

You're not alone on this journey. By acknowledging your ambitions and encouraging you to step into the "realm of content mastery," I want you to feel confident in your potential as a content creator. Your journey is worth it, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

4️⃣ Making it Manageable:

You'll not only gain valuable skills but also find the process of content creation more manageable and enjoyable. Together, we'll make it a breeze!

5️⃣ Beginner-Friendly & Accessible:

I want you to feel at ease. This challenge is designed specifically with beginners in mind. No need to worry about expertise levels – this is a space where you can learn and grow comfortably.

I believe in your potential, and I can't wait to witness your content creation adventure unfold!

Claim Your Spot & Embrace Content Clarity!

Step into the realm of content mastery with confidence and ease!

This is where your content creation adventure truly begins!

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Your Content Creation Challenge Overview


Meet & Greet:

Content Creation Made easy

Let’s meet and connect as a community and let me walk you through:

✱ What to expect,

✱ Where things are,

So we can make the 5 days super impactful for you.

Day 1

Nailing Your Niche:

Target Market Precision and Problem Resolution

Discover how to identify your ideal audience with precision, understanding their needs deeply to resolve their problems effectively.

This lesson helps you pinpoint your niche market for enhanced clarity in content creation.

Day 2

Focused Foundations:

Establishing Big Words and Core Topics

Establish the foundational elements of your content strategy by defining key terminology and core topics.

Learn how to build a strong base for your content that aligns with your niche market's interests and needs.

Day 3

The Google Goldmine:

Mastering Research to Ignite Content Kickstart

Unlock the power of research techniques to fuel your content creation process.

Dive into effective methods for finding valuable information and ideas using Google and other resources, igniting your content creation journey.

Day 4

Innovative Insights:

Creating Inspired Content with ChatGPTs

Explore the innovative use of AI-driven tools like ChatGPT to generate fresh, engaging, and insightful content ideas.

Discover how to leverage technology to spark creativity and generate content that resonates with your audience.

Day 5

Momentum & Visual Prowess:

Creating Momentum with Canva Templates

Learn the art of visual storytelling using Canva templates to enhance the clarity and appeal of your content.

Discover how to craft visually engaging materials that complement your written content, making it more impactful and shareable.

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Lets have some FUN!!


Sara Rothermel

Caterer for Small Events

When I first met Sally Curtis, I didn’t know much about marketing and my business was at a standstill as I didn’t really know what I was doing.

In the three months I have known her, Sally has helped me identify my niche market, built an authentic profile on Linkedin, streamline my business tools and most importantly, through her informative networking evenings, I have met some really lovely people. With lots of laughs, Sally shares her knowledge and we share our experiences, which to me now is what marketing is really about, not selling, but connecting and sharing with the new people I meet .My business is now starting to grow!

Thanks for inviting me into your world Sally Curtis, and may the fun continue!

Peter Nicholls

Life Enjoyment Mentor

I am delighted to write this recommendation regarding Sally Curtis and her services. Her refreshing theme of Simplifying Marketing has been just what I needed. Sally has been helping me to clarify my thinking’ – helping executives make the emotional transition from their working career to a continuing productive life beyond work.

Sally is particularly perceptive in identifying what makes my heart sing, what makes me unique and who might best resonate with my services.

I am very happy to recommend Sally’s services to anyone who wants to develop a clear and purposeful marketing strategy that takes the complexity out of marketing thinking.

She combines being a highly-focused lady with a delightfully bubbly approach to her work, her clients and her life. It’s a joy to work with her.

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