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Some love words from clients


Jess Dahlberg

Scale Up

Sally has been instrumental to me getting organised and clear with my content strategy. Her designs are well thought through and the passion she has for serving her clients makes it such a pleasure to work with her. Highly recommend.

Antoni Lacinai

International keynote speaker | Author/co-author of 14 books | Communication Coach

It is easy for me to recommend Sally. She is simply awesome! I recently assigned some work to her, and she was both attentive and quick to adapt. Very service minded! I will for sure work with her again.

Sam Rehan

Sam Rehan - Workplace Wellness Strategist

A huge pleasure to recommend Sally. My initial meetings were booked on content strategy but it became apparent to me that Sally has phenomenal insights in business growth, strategy and problem solving. This led me to book her as business coach.

She brings clarity, fresh insights and manageable growth steps to my business. I love her curiosity and forward thinking. Sally has phenomenal but practical knowledge.

She has helped me make intelligent decisions and I am always excited to speak to her. She gets me and is a valuable asset to my growing business. Thank you Sally for the ideas, accountability and your much appreciated support!

Tracey Mathers

Courage Creator | Advisor & Mentor

I worked with Sally for a few months and loved her professionalism and her willingness to help in every way she can. She provided me with great tiles that I can use across all social media platforms. She has such a great and varied skill set that just takes so much pressure away from having to do everything yourself. Sally is extremely helpful, a rare gem, that everyone could use in their business life. Thanks for everything xx

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