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OMG! The things people say...

At a recent Professional Speakers Chapter meeting, we were working on our backstories & experiences, the elements that make us unique, our x-factor, if you will.

One of my speaker buddies declared, "Hey Sally, you're an x-horse trainer turned champion ferret racer, who's now a legacy crusader."

Well, I am. The crusader part is relevant here.

We all have fantastic life experiences that have shaped us, stories to tell & incredible wisdom to share with the world.

The world needs you & your wisdom right now!

I am here to help you do that in the fastest, easiest ways possible by doing it for you or with you.

Why we do this?

After seeing so many Experts, Thought Leaders and Change-makers writing books & not leveraging the great resource they created, I got frustrated & asked why they didn’t.

They didn’t know how or that they could!

For me, it was instinctive to SEE their inner genius, to see their bite-size digestible gold nuggets of information. Those powerful, short lessons and statements are meaningful to their communities.

So we started creating engaging & powerful visual graphics for clients to increase their social media presence and authority. We found it gave our clients peace of mind and confidence that their unique content, voice & message became more seen and experienced.

As a result of their potential clients experiencing them more, being able to consume them more, and getting a greater understanding of them, our clients gained more enquiries and sales naturally increased.

We want to help you maximize your reach, impact & results.

Your Visibility Maximiser

Increase your visibility on social media with bite-size content created for you, from your books, blogs or articles.

It’s simple:

Provide us with your content like:

1x book,

or 10 x blogs

or 10 x articles

And your brand assets, and we will create graphic tiles for you from your content.

Your Book


Turn Your Book into two years' worth of bite-size social media content!

The Book Maximiser is for Authors, Consultants, Trainers, Coaches, and Speakers who have written a book and want to maximise it for use on social media. And want someone else to CREATE it for them.

Turn your book into endless new profits, increase your visibility, stand out, be heard & reach more people online with our done-for-you service!

Monetize Your


Amplifying You, Your Message & Your Impact so you can leave a Legacy.

Designed for those that love to create content in a range of forms, who understand its value and now want someone to help them leverage it.

By repurposing it into valuable, new profitable assets for lead generation, client nurturing, lead magnets & products, to create new income streams & opportunities.

Video & Interview Amplifier Package

Unlock the Power of Your Content!

Transform your podcasts, interviews and videos into captivating, personalised video

snippets – tailor-made for your brand.

Why bite-size videos?

They break through the short attention span barrier

According to research, human beings’ ability to focus on a task is alarmingly decreasing. In 2000, human attention was 12 seconds, now its shorter than the attention span of a goldfish (less than 8 seconds).

Short videos, capture attention & sharing!

They can be easily consumed & shared

The human brain comprehends audiovisual messages better than it does text. Bite-size videos pack a punch when it comes to delivering messages to the long-term memory of the audience.

Today’s audience is not satisfied just with watching interesting content. They want to share the content among their networks on social media.

Bite-size videos are perfect for sharing among people as they do not take up a lot of the bandwidth.

They are social media friendly

Hubspot calculated the average duration of videos that get high audience engagement in various social media platforms: Instagram – 30 seconds; Twitter – 45 seconds; Facebook – 1 minute; YouTube – 2 minutes.

As such, bite-size videos are a sure-shot way to grab the viewers’ attention.

They are the best tools to amplify customer engagement

Bite-size videos offer more comprehensibility than text-based explanations or only audio. Viewers can effortlessly relate emotions with visuals, which increases audience engagement and delivers a more impactful and memorable message.

A two-minute video can efficiently deliver a message that a blog article might take an average reader 10 minutes to read.

Search engines rank video content on top, making for better SEO results

YouTube is now the second-largest search engine. Video content is loved by every search engine. Since videos amplify audience engagement, they are shown on top by search engines. Websites with videos enjoy 157%more organic traffic than websites without them. This means that your chances of ranking on top of Google’s search engine results page get dramatically higher if your website includes video.

Did you know that video remains vastly underutilized on major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

Let's change that statistic together!

✅ Together let's harness the impact of video and skyrocket your social media marketing goals!

✅ You'll meet your audience's preferences head-on, half of social media users favor video above

all else.

✅ Don't just create content; create a compelling visual experience that captivates and converts.

✅ Elevate your brand with our personalised, branded, and captioned video snippets today!

Content Creator Starter Package

Got content ceatio problems?

A perfect way to build consistency & trust.

Find it hard to write your thought leadership?

Do you prefer to speak & share your message?

Great, let us interview you & build you a library of ready-to-use content.

Get your thought leadership out of your head and onto social media so you can fast-track your visibility & success.

Transforming Best-Kept Secrets into Sought-after Successes.

Show up, shine & sell more!

Book a time to be interviewed by an expert marketer & highly experienced interviewer, Sally.

Who will then repurpose your GOLD into bite-size content which shows your expertise. That helps you stand out, be sought-after, be heard, reach more people and make a greater impact.

“Successful brands are a product of trust. Trust is a product of consistency.”

A service designed for those in the early stages of building their brand & influence.

How it Works:

We will have a 30 minute Strategy Session, to determine your goals & expertise.

Then we will schedule your interviews on Zoom.

We will create very specific interview questions to extract & demonstrate your inner genius to attract & engage your ideal target market.

You will provide us with a description of your ideal client and how your services or product supports them in their journey. We have a 'Creative Brief" to assist you with this, don't worry!

After the interviews, we sort through all the video footage & transcriptions to extract the best content to strategically support your goals and your client’s needs.

We will create for you Graphic Tiles, Video Snippets and Carousels for you to use on social media.

We will deliver this in 6-8 weeks, in content instalments with a choreographed content game plan for you to follow, or we can do that for you too!

Deposit of $500 to secure your time.

Pay in full or fortnightly payments available.

Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients


Sam Rehan

Sam Rehan - Workplace Wellness Strategist

A huge pleasure to recommend Sally. My initial meetings were booked on content strategy but it became apparent to me that Sally has phenomenal insights in business growth, strategy and problem solving. This led me to book her as business coach.

She brings clarity, fresh insights and manageable growth steps to my business. I love her curiosity and forward thinking. Sally has phenomenal but practical knowledge.

She has helped me make intelligent decisions and I am always excited to speak to her. She gets me and is a valuable asset to my growing business. Thank you Sally for the ideas, accountability and your much appreciated support!


Jess Dahlberg

Scale Up

Sally has been instrumental to me getting organised and clear with my content strategy. Her designs are well thought through and the passion she has for serving her clients makes it such a pleasure to work with her. Highly recommend.


Antoni Lacinai

International keynote speaker | Author/co-author of 14 books | Communication Coach

It is easy for me to recommend Sally. She is simply awesome! I recently assigned some work to her, and she was both attentive and quick to adapt. Very service minded! I will for sure work with her again

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