Success: Course Corrections & Overcoming

26/05/2023 – 50 mins

Everyone creates their own definition of success but when we experience life’s roadblocks that can derail a journey toward that personal success, exploration of some common denominators of internal and external sabotage can be helpful to moving forward in order to reach our aspirations. It’s like going on a trip up Mount Everest. You’d study a map ahead of time, pick a course, choose places to stop and rest, know alternate routes, practice managing safety gear, and choose who to take along for a guide. So how to navigate a journey’s bumpy roads and the ever-shifting weather of life needs a strategy, that’s obvious, but some of the derailments are not so obvious. When you’re aware and intentional about what you stow in your backpack, you’re still committing to a challenging adventure but the unknown trek and surprising hurdles won’t make you want to give up along the way.

Our guests for this episode are Mary Holmstrom and Pat Coleman.

Mary Holmström is a passionate speaker, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author, and organizational strategist. Her academic and professional backgrounds span Linguistics, Broadcast Journalism, the Performing Arts as a professional actor for 20+ years, and an unexpected corporate career as a C-Level Suite support strategist, where she honed her skills as a diplomat and her Jack-Russell Terrier tenacity.

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