My Journey with Dysphagia back to Real Food

14/05/2021 – (50 min)

Yvonne, will share her journey on head & neck cancer, her journey of food, stigma and recovery. Her surgery & treatments left long lasting side effects, that effect daily life & increased her awareness of being a voice and a guiding light for other’s on a similar path. Being a passionate ‘foodie’ aided in her recovery but also additional information to support people going through similar mental & physical hurdles when in comes to eating and moving from PEG (feeding tubes) back to oral eating. She is quickly becoming the poster girl for the nofeedingtubes movement. Focusing on the meaning of food and how it changes in respect to physical, emotional and social situations. Her message is to go beyond the mechanics of nutrition to also understand there is a lot of embarrassment and shame in eating food particularly socially, for people who have gone through this treatment.

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