Event Marketing -Understanding your target audience is key

19/02/2021 – (50 min)

Event Marketing – Understanding your target audience is key!!
Join us to learn tips and strategies to grow your events, workshops in this hybrid world.
Listen & Learn Why, understanding your audience is so critical to determine your success. Discover what are the key questions to ask yourself to maximise your Return On Investment. Understand where you target audience is found. Plan your events profits having the end in mind based on your delegates experience of you and your event.

Michael Grey is an experienced event manager and marketing professional who has personally managed or promoted over 200 events over the last 13 years with up to 16,000 attendees, has personally secured media coverage for clients to over 50 million people and some of his not-for-profit clients have seen an up to 300% increase in event profit after expenses. His clients doing online events also saw returns of up to 830% during Covid 19.

Michael brings a wealth of experience in event conception, marketing, sponsorship, public relations and managing events. Michael has worked on a very diverse portfolio of events from small business through to large multinational corporations, community groups and charities.

Prior to commencing MKG Events in October 2014, Michael has worked with a number of charities in fundraising and events and also worked for a marketing company managing their client’s corporate events.

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