Caregiving & Planning

09/06/2023 – 50 mins

Susanne White wants to share her experiences, strength and hope with other caregivers so that they too can face the challenges of caregiving with courage and self love. She learned the hard way that if she didn’t prioritize her own well being, She could not sustain caring for the well being of others. She wants to save one caregiver at a time. Susanne is the author of the book “Self-Care for Caregivers” . Janice Lombardo became a certified End-of-Life Doula last 2020 She knows first-hand the chaos and anxiety that can occur when there are no conversations or decisions made regarding an individual’s Directive Plans and Final Wishes.

Being proactive and having open, heart-centered conversations while an individual is healthy can prevent overwhelm when life transitions are taking place. Janice is on a mission to bring holistic heart-centered guidance, education, and compassionate care to individuals and their loved ones at end-of-life within her community and beyond.

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