Networking for Leaders Program – It’s not How; it’s WHO!

Successful Leaders have a different perspective, they have a Strategic Network, not an Accidental Network.

Did you know that 87% of business sits in your network untapped?

As Leaders, we all want to grow our business, our careers and generate sales for our organisations. We habitually attend networking events on or offline to look for new clients. Finding more clients and gaining higher profits isn’t about doing more networking; it’s about having clarity. The key is knowing how to strategically get to your end goal by seeing what is already around you. For most of us, networking is often a scatter-gun approach, it creates poor results & it can be extremely time-consuming, hard work with limited tangible results.

In the Networking for Leaders Program, we will go through four cases, of their successes and the steps which created their growth.

So what do Great Business Leaders do differently?

Successful Leaders have a different perspective; they have a Strategic Network, not an Accidental Network.

Below is what most peoples network looks like in their mind. An Accidentally Network a cluttered mess where you can’t see who leads to who.

Successful Business Leaders have a different way of SEEING their Networking; they have insight, for them, it looks like the above Strategic Network.

  • They know who leads to who. 
  • Who can help them find more opportunities or leads by opening doors. 
  • Who can show them how to overcome challenges, who can show them how to leverage resources to scale and they can do this at speed.

Great Business Leaders do 4 things differently.

  1. They know Who is in their Network.
  2. They know which of the 4 Key Roles their Strategic Connections play.
  3. They know the 4 Key Questions to ask themselves to determine their next steps.
  4. They know Who to Ask for support, leverage and timing.

They know who leads to who. Exactly who can help them find more opportunities or leads by opening doors. Who can show them how to overcome challenges, who can show them how to leverage resources to scale and they can do this at speed.

And you can too. This is how you can accelerate your growth with ease and in less time!

Who this Program is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow fast, sustainably.
  • Business Leaders looking for the edge, to accelerate growth.
  • Business owners wanting to overcome challenges faster to reduce stress & gain more freedom for family.
  • For the Natural Networkers who love networking and want to learn ways to be rewarded for their efforts.

Who this Program You will Learn from 4 key case studies the strategies, skills and steps implemented to fast track success: for:

✅  How an entrepreneurial CEO took his company’s revenue from $1.1M to $25M in just 5 years, by leveraging the experience of his connections.

✅  How a school student identified hundreds of selling opportunities by uncovering the 4 sales opportunities in every network that most people overlook.

✅  How we found a joint venture partner for a $300M Ski resort, in just 7 days, using 5 emails and 4 referrals, and spanning 5 countries – all through understanding the importance of clear criteria.

✅  How to scale with tailored repeatable systems.  Systems that are built with you in mind. Your system, to support the way you operate, your people and leverage your time and resources to create the desired outcomes.

How the Program is Delivered:

  • In intimate groups as a 90-minute Masterclass Overview – online or in person.
  • As a One Day Implementation Workshop for individual or teams
  • As a 4 week, half-day Strategic Growth Workshop, Including Linkedin Strategy.


Dan Smith – Regional Incubator Facilitator, Incubator Support Initiative
Sally is my go-to networking and marketing specialist. She has volunteered hours upon hours to startup businesses throughMassChallenge and other programs over many years. A highly passionate and skilled individual!
Karen Patterson – CEO and Co-Founder of The Research Nexus

Thank you Sally for teaching us that ‘It’s not the “how to…” but the “who to go to”’ that makes all the difference in taking our take our science/research to the next level. Identifying and mapping our professional network was insightful, informative and an eye-opener when we realised the resources we could tap into. Thanks for also demonstrating that the ‘who to go to’ is only a simple connection away! I’m looking forward to working with you in my next workshop; educating Australian scientists/researchers to identify the commercial potential in their research and to attract investment in research outcomes for the public good. I would thoroughly recommend Sally to anyone who seriously wants to grow their network, improves their networking skills and create a truly personalised brand.