Monetise Your Content

Amplifying You, Your Message & Your Impact so you can leave a Legacy.

Designed for those that love to create content in a range of forms, who understand its value and now want someone to help them leverage it.  By repurposing it into value, new profitable assets for lead generation, client nurturing, and lead magnets & productise it into new income stream opportunities.



What are the Benefits

  • Increase your ability to add value and leave a legacy.
  • To create real change for your community & clients by sharing more of your expertise & knowledge.
  • Save heaps of time, allowing us to sort it and extract the relevant element to create you new opportunities.
  • Be more visual. Be more valued.
  • We Do it for YOU!!

Who is it for

  • Thought leaders, content creators, trainers & speakers who know they have mountains of content that they know they could leverage but know-how.
  • Those looking to add more value & serve their audience further.
  • Those looking to leverage their years of content creation to a new level and now leave a legacy of growth, insights and transformation by educating & sharing more.
  • Those content creators that are looking for new income streams.
  • Those who don’t want to sort through all their content but know its value & wish to leverage it further & are happy to inundate Sally’s team.

Who is it not for

  • Experts who are new & still unpacking their intellectual property (IP).
  • Those who don’t have clarity or refinement on their topic or niche.
  • Those who don’t have their basic brand assets or brand guide yet, like colours, logo and fonts sorted.

What is included

  • Personal 1:1 Strategy, Productisation  & Review Sessions with Sally
  • Personally Branded Canva Tile & Video Templates that you can continue to use & repurpose.
  • 600 x Graphic Tiles –  broken down into strategic campaigns
  • 25 x Video snippets
  • 10 x carousels or static videos
  • A personalised & tailored asset creation or productisation element.
  • Social Media Management – 3 platforms, 3 times a week

About Sally, the Marketing & Content Strategist

Known as a Marketing Problem Solver – Sally has a vast knowledge of marketing, networking & systems, which makes her the perfect person to help speakers & consultants breakthrough revenue ceilings. Sally uses proven techniques to increase sales, leverage resources, build connections, and manage time effectively on and offline!

Sally has over 25 years of experience in marketing, business development & sales, having worked with many leading Australian & International Speakers and Consultants, helping them exponentially increase their growth through innovative methods of planning, marketing and networking.

Her role is to keep you in service delivery mode, seeing clients & winning business, not stuck behind your computer pulling your hair out! Sally uses proven techniques to increase sales, leverage resources, build connections, and manage time effectively on and offline!

Sally was one of the first Certified Influence Coaches, trained in Jane Anderson’s unique methodologies. Jane is one of the top 3 branding experts in the world and has helped over 80,000 people to build their identity and influence. Sally has added her natural giftedness to these proven methodologies to create great results for her clients.  With clients having a high demand for saving time and maximising opportunities, it became paramount for Sally to duplicate herself.  So she now has a team specifically trained in all areas of Influential & Strategic Content Repurposing