LinkedIn Lead Generation

Consistent Business Development Actions Done For You

LinkedIn has become the place where business connections, referrals, and collaborations are created, and where sales cycles are reduced.

In this digital age, where there is so much information and so much choice available, potential clients want meaningful relationships that are easy to establish and make sense.

They want to connect with you. Engage with them in a meaningful way, and you will be rewarded with their loyalty. LinkedIn gives you the perfect platform to do all this with ease and with my proven system.

Our LinkedIn Strategies are humanised, connected & real conversations to increase leads, opportunities, referrals & collaborations with your ideal target market consistently.

We build you a systemised approach to generate more leads and opportunities with these three key strategies:

1. Outreach:

Designed to grow your list by rapidly increase the number of connections you have with your ideal target market consistently. It’s is our most popular service and is utilised by successful businesses to systemise an ongoing lead generation strategy into the business or practice.

2.  Circle of Influence:

Designed to increase your credibility & leverage through the power of association by connecting with key people of influence in your area of expertise, their network & their connections. A key strategy for securing more high quality leads, alliance partnership and opportunities. Perfect for speakers, trainers, authors & podcasters.

3.  Re-engagement:

Designed to seize all the low hanging fruit in your existing LinkedIn connections. For example, you may have forgotten some of those connections for a while.  You had great intentions, but busyness just got in the way of keeping the relationship growing. The unexpected gets in the way, we get it & we can help. We reconnect & restart conversation for you to explore sales, collaborations & alliance opportunities. We do the grunt work to warm up & sort those connections & conversations again, saving you time whilst increasing opportunities.  

Why are LinkedIn Conversations so important?

Statistically, we know that there are 2-3% of people ready to buy what you have to offer sitting in your existing networks on average. 

Plus, 87% of business sits untapped in your network simply because we are not having consistent conversations to discover them.

Consistent marketing & business growth strategies done well can give you an unfair advantage over your competition. Hubspot found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter.

The reason Linkedin Conversation are so important is they will give you the unfair advantage you have been looking for.

Why Consistency is Key

The world is speeding up, and time is a finite resource. More than ever, Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs are under pressure to find leads, increase sales, boost profitability, be connected, caring & human, & it often feels like we are running out of time.

The next big issue is to know what to do next.

Leadership guru John Maxwell said: “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” Consistency is essential in business today.

We help you unlock the power of CONSISTENCY by creating consistent, compelling conversations with your ideal target market to increase opportunities and revenue results. We build you a systemised business growth approach to create a constant flow of leads, opportunities & revenue because we know what to do next with our proven LinkedIn lead generation strategies.

Our mission is to Amplify Your Voice, Your Message & Your Impact across all the services we offer. 

Our key focus is leverage, & to achieve that, our core action is consistency. As a Master Connector & Marketing Problem Solver, I have helped many leading Australian & International Business Leaders grow with innovative yet straightforward planning, marketing, and networking methods. Strategically generating leads, filling events, and increase sales conversations in a humanised way

How does our LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy work?

  • We work with you to determine your key goal and develop a strategy to support it.
  • Together we create the strategic implementation steps and key message and assess the level of involvement you require.
  • We build you your personalised LinkedIn system, which includes strategic mentoring.
  • We do all the implementation and had over connections to you to finish the sale or continue a more specific conversation or invite them to something.
  • We will schedule weekly or fortnight sprint sessions with you and your team to build momentum.
  • You will have complete visibility & transparency of the system, strategy & implementation.
  • We do the sifting and sorting and passed over the hot opportunities when the time is right for you.

What happens next?

Step 1.  Book a time below to have a Strategy Overview Session with Sally 

Step 2.  Be prepared to answer these questions:

                        a) What is your goal for the year or quarter?

                        b) What is on your calendar for the next 90 days?  (ie: what is planned, what events are you attending, where are you showing up)

                        c) What is your budget is for business growth strategies? 

Step 3.  Sally will confirm Strategy, Investment & Implementation


Shaune Clarke
Shaune Clarke – Digital Marketing Consultant
I’ve been a speaker and workshop leader for 3 decades. Witheach passing year it just get’s harder and harder to fill rooms, yet Sally does it over and over again – seemingly effortlessly. It’s like watching Picasso paint – effortless genius!

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