Leverage & Launch Amplifier

From my experience working with hundreds of thought leaders, you have been too busy to think about marketing!!


The pre-launch is often the only focus, whether you are doing it yourself or have a publishing house helping you.

I see wasted opportunities in the lead-up to the pre-launch, whereas a new author, you have limited visibility, then all of a sudden, Pow!
Two weeks before the launch, you start pumping out social media posts.
Great, your family and friends are excited for you, but your potential long-term ideal clients are suspicious. Thinking, oh, another new book looks interesting. Hmmm, I wonder how long they will be around?! I know you have had the same thinking experience. We all have!

Successful brands are a product of trust.  Trust is a product of consistency.

To have a truly impactful launch for you & your potential audience, you need to maintain consistency & leverage your momentum!

The key to an audience trusting you is to be there for them consistently, not just when you are trying to sell or promote something.

I regularly see experts who are authors & program creator put their lifeblood and energy into filling a book or program with transformational content & stories that the world needs.
However, at the same time that great content is hidden within those pages, almost a secret, not permitted to shine, inspire and encourage others to jump on the journey with you to read or learn.

This is where we come in as your leverage & momentum-building experts.

We create content for you in the months before you launch so your ideal target market is familiar with you. They are starting to listen, learn and consume your content.

We will choreograph and manage your content on your social media platforms so you can focus on building relationships with those new potential clients.

We amplify You, your Message and Your Impact & we will mentor you through the process so you can continue it on, or your assistant can.

What are the Benefits

  • Increase your reach, and drive sales & growth.
  • You will increase your visibility and trust by being consistent on social media. Brands are built on Trust. Trust is a product of consistency.
  • You will be seen as their key person of influence on your topic or niche.
  • You will gain more opportunities for guesting on podcasts, collaboration & promotion.

Who is it for

  • Authors with new books
  • Thought leaders, coaches & speakers with new programs
  • Community leaders with a new membership or mastermind offerings

Who is it not for

  • Those who are not driven by service
  • Those who don’t have educational or insights relevant to their audience’s transformation.
  • Those who don’t see themselves as a change maker.

What is included

  • 2x 90-day Strategic Content Plan
  • Personally Branded Graphic Content Tile Tiles & Video’s that you can continue to use & repurpose.
  • 130 x Graphic Tiles per month – broken down into strategic campaigns Pre-launch, During Launch & post Launch — Tile Templates, Promotion, Thought Leader Quotes,
  • Engagement Questions, Call to Actions, plus Video/Carousels created for you.
  • Social Media Scheduling & Management – 3 platforms, 3 x a week
  • Fortnightly Check-in & Support calls

How it works

6-month package – 3 months before and 3 months after your launch

Stage 1 – Creation

week 1: A discovery call with you to determine a strategic plan for the content we create.
week 2: First 90-day plan – Content Choreography Plan Outline
week 3: Template & content design review
week 4: Creation of content & scheduling to social media commenced

Stage 2 – Mentor, Manage & Momentum

  • Fortnightly Support Check-ins – review engagement, maximising opportunities & conversations pre-launch & during launch.
  • Weekly scheduling management of social media
  • Celebrate wins, activity & outcomes of the launch with tailored tile campaigns
  • Set up all your systems – Your Canva, Content & Campaign Folders, Scheduling tools

Stage 3 – Post Launch

  • Fortnightly Support Check-ins – Leverage conversations, engagement, comments & opportunities.
  • Weekly scheduling management of social media
  • Handover & training – as and if required.