Content Creator Starter Package

Got Content creation problems?

Find it hard to write your thought leadership?
Do you prefer to speak & share your message?
Great, let us interview you & build you a library of ready-to-use content.

Get your thought leadership out of your head and onto social media so you can fast-track your visibility & success.

Transforming Best-Kept Secrets into Sought-after Successes.
Show up, shine & sell more!

Create your content with EASE! Book a time to be interviewed by an expert marketer & highly experienced interviewer, Sally. Who will then repurpose your GOLD into bite-size content which shows your expertise. That helps you stand out, be sought-after, be heard, reach more people and make a greater impact.

Sally is an international internet Radio & TV producer with more than 200 interviews. She knows how to shine the light on YOU!

Let us make content creation easy for you by saving you a heap of time & a lot of frustration by doing it for you.

A service designed for those in the early stages of building their brand & influence. A perfect way to build consistency & trust.

“Successful brands are a product of trust. Trust is a product of consistency.”


What are the Benefits

  • You will gain speed into the market with personally branded content graphics & videos that position you as the expert.
  • You & your brand will be seen & heard with a consistent & clear message that attracts & engages your audience.
  • You will have a library of re-useable brand assets to make posting on social media super easy & fast for you or your VA.
  • You will become more widely recognised with a strong & consistent brand image & voice that instils trust.
  • By getting your thought leadership out of your head quickly, you can focus on growing your business, not being stuck creating content.
  • Consistent connect helps you to connect & engage with your audience, build trust & become their go-to person.
  • Your content created by us will help you build an impactful brand that stands out & makes a difference.

Who is it for

  • Thought leaders & speakers who prefer to speak than write
  • Thought leaders who are too busy in delivery mode, serving clients to write frequently & don’t want to slow down.
  • Those experts & leaders want to leverage a revenue growth phase that they are going through without losing their momentum or visibility on social media.

Who is it not for

  • Those who still need to be clear on their topic or niche.

What is included

  • Personally Branded Canva Tile & Video Templates that you can continue to use & repurpose.
  • 100 x Graphic Tiles – broken down into strategic campaigns – Tile Templates, Promotion, Thought Leader Quotes, Engagement Questions, Call to Actions,
    25 x Video snippets
  • 10 x carousels or static videos
  • optional extra – Social Media Management

How it works

We interview you twice on Zoom for 90 min with very specific questions to extract & demonstrate your inner genius to attract & engage your ideal target market.

We would appreciate an overview & description of your ideal client and how your service or product supports them in their journey.

Based on this, we sort through all the video footage & transcriptions to extract the best content to strategically support your goals and your client’s needs.

Our process is 6 – 8 weeks:

week 1: Interviews 1 & 2

week 3: Template design for Tiles & intro/outro review

week 4: Partial delivery of content

week 6-8*: Completed content delivery – your library of re-useable brand graphics

* 6-8 weeks, depending on the amount of editing required.