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Consistent Lead Generation & Content Creation, Done For You

LinkedIn has become the place where business connections, referrals, and collaborations are created, and where sales cycles are reduced.

In this digital age, where there is so much information and so much choice available, potential clients want meaningful relationships that are easy to establish and make sense.

They want to connect with you. Engage with them in a meaningful way, and you will be rewarded with their loyalty. LinkedIn gives you the perfect platform to do all this with ease and with our proven lead generation system.

Grow your professional network and sales pipeline with our

Leads, Content & Conversation Amplifier!

We believe in Connection, Conversations, Relationships and Collaboration.

When you connect with your audience, provide highly valuable, easy to consume content that demonstrates your unique genius and you build relationships through honest conversations, your business growth amplifies.

We have worked with collective minds to bring our communities an elegant and highly effective Linkedin Lead Generation System. Our system is capable of high or low volume lead generation, tailored to our client’s personality, communication styles and sales process.

Couple this with our Strategic Content Repurposing, and you dramatically increase your visibility & impact!

  • You amplify your reach, your engagement & your humanised conversations.
  • You increase your sales, collaborative opportunities and profitability.
  • All whilst saving your time & creating maximum leverage for you.

Why are LinkedIn Conversations so important?


Linkedin 2022 stats

Let me share a little about our Linkedin Platform affectionally called HuddleCo Lead Gen.

Combining Automation Technology, Expert Advice, You and Managed Campaigns is where the magic begins.

Our unique automation platform mimics the day to day activities we would typically do, to provide a continuous flow of leads, conversations and conversions for our business.

You can create your target audiences through our in-app search, create custom message templates and set your automation tasks

– then sit back as the leads start to land in your inbox.


Every 24 hours, you can

  • Automatically View & Follow 200 profiles, 
  • Send 200 invitations to connect, 
  • Send 150 In-mails 
  • Like 150 posts
  • Send 100 group member messages

….(Yes, you read that correctly, you can’t do this on Linkedin without our platform!)


  • Targeted audience refinement and assessment
  • Smart Inbox & Quick Replies
  • Zapier & CRM Integration

What happens next?

We schedule a strategic consultation to fully understand your requirements to create and manage your campaigns effectively.

  • Grow Your Professional Network
  • Increase Your Sales Pipeline 
  • Amplify Your Profitability

Step 1.  Book a time below to have a Strategy Overview Session

Step 2.  Be prepared to answer these questions:

                        a) What is your goal for the year or quarter?

                        b) What is on your calendar for the next 90 days? 

 (ie: what is planned, what events are you attending, where are you showing up, what are you selling)

                        c) What is your budget is for business growth strategies? 

Step 3.  Confirmation of Strategy, Investment & Implementation steps.


Shaune Clarke
Shaune Clarke – Digital Marketing Consultant
I’ve been a speaker and workshop leader for 3 decades. Witheach passing year it just get’s harder and harder to fill rooms, yet Sally does it over and over again – seemingly effortlessly. It’s like watching Picasso paint – effortless genius!