Content Amplifier & Mastery

Transforming Best Kept Secrets into Sought-after Successes

Think Strategic Leverage, turn 1 article into 10+ new content pieces for social media or your book into 2 years worth of content!

So You Can:

  • Save Time and Money
  • Reach more people by being consistent on the social media platforms
  • Create greater impacts being meaningful, relevant & influential for your community with all your content pieces.
  • Maximise your results, by leveraging your content in multiple ways.
  • Increase your ROI on your existing content pieces.
  • Reduce your fatigue with a library of re-usable brand assets, done for you.

Content Amplifier & Mastery includes:

Content Repurposing Done For You and Strategic Coaching to increase your cut through in a crowded, fatigued marketplace and maximise your results.  

It’s an understatement to say the world has changed.  You’re fatigued, your clients are fatigued and we need to solve BOTH those problems at the same time, together.  

It starts by leveraging your existing content into new bite-size profitable assets, to maximise your engagement strategically, with purpose, and gain cut through. And most importantly, to save you time, our most sacred resource.

You’ll walk away from this program with:

  • Your Content Strategic Repurposed, for you, by us.
  • An amplified brand with an increase in visibility, credibility, and profitability
  • Greater connection & engagement with your clients
  • Deeper trust & more real conversations happening

Content Amplifier & Mastery is ideal if you:

  • Know your thought leadership, have you brand and marketing strategy sorted but now want leverage.
  • Love writing articles or authoring books
  • Have a legacy vision, with an impact you want to bring to the world
  • Have hit a revenue ceiling 
  • Have seen a decline in engagement to your newsletters and long-form content
  • Have programs and services to sell at increased pricing

Content Amplifier & Mastery is not ideal if you:

  • You want someone to create content from scratch
  • You don’t have any recent content, or it’s really out of date compared to where you have evolved to
  • You want to use someone else’s content or materials.

Our Success for Clients comes from 3 Elements


My Strategic Coaching teamed up with your inner genius content & brand will enable you to build deeper engagement with your followers, giving you the ability to turn them into clients sooner.

We will Repurpose your content into bite-size stunning graphic tiles. These help your audience to IMAGINE the possibilities for themselves, SEE their aspirations, ENVISION their transformation, and most importantly IDENTIFY themselves as your potential client.

Based on that, you will be able to have Compelling Conversations that come from a place of relevance & trust through your content & connection to your audience, which in turn will effortlessly increase your conversion rates.

Together, we will implement and work step by step to leverage your existing assets into new profit opportunities.


Solutions-focussed strategies including:

  • Lead Generation to Fill Events & Webinars
  • Credibility, Positioning & Package Elevation 
  • Increase your Credibility to Increase Fees
  • Positioning You as an Expert
  • Promotional Support for Effective Book Launches


Your Investment includes:

  • Fortnightly leverage & check-in sessions
  • Personalised graphic tiles and social media posts – Done for You
  • 90-day leverage & implementation plan
  • Branded templates & brand assets

Paid in Full $5,997 AUD


Monthly $1,725 AUD

About Sally the Marketing & Content Strategist

Known as a Marketing Problem Solver – Sally has a vast knowledge of marketing, networking & systems which makes her the perfect person to help speakers & consultants breakthrough revenue ceilings. Sally uses proven techniques to increase sales, leverage resources, build connections, and manage time effectively both on and offline!

Sally has over 25 years of experience in marketing, business development & sales, having worked with many leading Australian & International Speakers and Consultants, helping them exponentially increase their growth, through innovative methods of planning, marketing and networking.

Her role is to keep you in service delivery mode, seeing clients & winning business, not stuck behind your computer pulling your hair out! Sally uses proven techniques to increase sales, leverage resources, build connections, and manage time effectively both on and offline!

Sally was one of the first Certified Influence Coaches, trained in Jane Anderson’s unique methodologies. Jane is one of the top 3 branding experts in the world and has helped over 80,000 people to build their identity and influence. Sally has added her natural giftedness to these proven methodologies to create great results for her clients.  With clients having a high demand for saving time and maximising opportunities, it became paramount for Sally to duplicate herself.  So she now has a team specifically trained in all areas of Influential & Strategic Content Repurposing.