Change-Makers Mastermind Program

Be a Change-Maker & STAND OUT among a sea of experts!

The Change-Makers Program is for Consultants, Trainers, Coaches, Speakers, Practitioners and Change-Makers who:

  • Struggle to fill speaking events and workshops
  • Want to grow or build a tribe but lack a strategic plan that is easy to implement
  • Have great ideas for content and training programs but don’t know how to leverage them
  • Need help in ‘unpacking’ their inner genius and intellectual property to continue to teach at a higher or deeper level
  • Suck at marketing themselves effectively and want to stand out gracefully
  • Feel overwhelmed, confused, and icky with generating leads
  • Feel sick at the thought of wasting more money on ineffective training that tries to turn you into a cardboard-cut-out of someone you are not

If you’re a subject matter expert who wants to make an impact in their industry and communities, this is the program for you.

Be an industry influencer and get unparalleled leads, credibility, and visibility with the CHANGE-MAKERS: EXPERTS to INFLUENCERS Program.

What is a Change-Maker?

Change-Makers make a difference for their communities.

There’s a huge difference between being an expert and a fully-fledged Change-Maker.

Here’s what will happen when you become a Change-Maker:

  • You will no longer be just any expert. You will be held in high esteem in your area of expertise and community.
  • Your name will be the first thing people think of in your area of expertise. People will respect you for your influence, connections, and insights.
  • You will become highly sought after. You’ll be the first choice for the best projects, opportunities, and teams  – and be able to set your own terms.
  • Leads will automatically come to you. You’ll no longer have to resort to icky lead generation and marketing tactics to get people to notice you.
  • Future Proof yourself by being a Change-Maker & Influencer

Change-Makers and Influencers are instantly treated with respect and people listen when they speak.

According to the Institute for the Future, sense-making is one of the 10 key skills for the future of work.

“An Influencer takes today’s chaotic information overload and turns it into simple-to-understand chunks that are meaningful and relevant to the individuals or communities they serve.”

As a Change-Maker and Influencer, you’ll serve as a translator who will make sense of the world for your clients and community.

It’s the best way to position yourself in your area of expertise because it’s in high demand right now.

In his book “Tribes”, Seth Godin says: “The market needs you (we need you) and the tools are there, just waiting. All that’s missing is you, and your vision and your passion.”

THE WORLD NEEDS YOU. I want people to find you and be supported by you! It is what drives me: to help unveil YOU and the contribution you will make.

Why you need guidance and support to be a Change-Maker

Rome wasn’t built in one day. If you want to reinvent yourself as a Change-Maker, you need to put in the work and be guided and supported by:

  • A mentor with REAL ‘Been-There-Done-It Experience’  who knows exactly what it takes to mover from Expert to Change-Maker
  • A supportive Mastermind Community who are ready to make an impact, share knowledge, and leverage their networks and connections at your disposal.
  • A PROVEN system that is easy to implement and customisable to suit you and your current needs.

You’ll walk away from this program with:

  • A key understanding of the methodology to create and deliver offers and programs that will increase your revenue up to $100K each year.
  • A strong, clear brand positioning as an Influencer in your field to attract more leads and secure your dream clients, projects, and speaking engagements.
  • An amplified LinkedIn profile to establish credibility and generate new leads and business opportunities.
  • A comprehensive social media strategy that will build your brand and grow your followers to 15,000 followers or more.
  • A database of 3,200 ideal clients minimum and a sound lead generation strategy to grow your business each year.
  • A mentor and supportive community of people who care and have your back.

This program is ideal for you if:

  •  You want to grow & are prepared to do the work while being supported through the ups and downs by the community and me.
  •  You are willing to seek help as you require it.
  •  You already have great content creation skills or ideation but are still unable to attract the right clients at the moment.
  •  You are gifted and an expert at what you do.

This program is not ideal for you if:

  •  You want someone else to do the work for you.
  •  You don’t have content or a strong inner knowledge base.
  •  You are looking for a magic pill or the wave of a magic wand.  This program REQUIRES consistency & focus which compounds over time.


“If you have clarity and do the work then magic happens and massive growth occurs.”

How the Change-Makers Program works

The CHANGE-MAKERS: EXPERTS to INFLUENCERS’ curriculum involves 4 elements to build Visibility, Credibility & Lead Generation for Experts.

  1. Foundation:

In Business, foundations are a critical cornerstone to business success, these foundations allow us to build a clear personalised strategy for you. Our foundations are the 12 Key Areas of Influence and Growth within the on-line training. Understanding these are critical to your success and knowing (with my help) what are your next steps to implement.

  • You will have Lifetime Access to the Change-Makers online curriculum, the 12 Key Areas of Influence & Growth* created by Jane Anderson who has built a $1M+ Practise & has helped many people achieve the same thing.
    *Recently voted #2 Best Brand Development Program Globally
  • PLUS, a growing Facebook community of experts and Change-Makers who are going or have gone through the same steps as you.
  1. Mentoring: 
  • You’ll get personalised one-on-one sessions with Sally
  • Group focus and accountability sessions
  • Quarterly Strategy Mastermind Days
  • Peer support & feedback within the Facebook community. 
  1. Strategy: 
  • You’ll get a half-day Personalised Strategy Development session to kick start your plan and next steps.
  • PLUS, Quarterly Mastermind meetings to stay focused and clear on your strategy and implementation for the next 90 days.
  • PLUS, SOS calls, SMS or emails with Sally as needed to keep you in forward movement. 
  1. Systems: 
  • You’ll get UNLIMITED access to all the marketing collateral, systems, and templates you’ll ever need to grow and scale your business each year. 

The Change-Makers program has a jam-packed curriculum that covers everything you need to do to establish yourself as an Authority and Influencer in your area of expertise.

Lara Wentworth

Lara Wentworth – Lawyer, former Family Law Partner – NOW Performance and Wellness Coach for lawyers

Sally has turned out to be the piece of the puzzle that I’ve been looking for to help me focus my marketing efforts. She’s intuitive, insightful, strategic and knowledgeable. Sally is also warm, kind and nurturing which has made our journey together so enjoyable. Sally has helped me put into place lead generation strategies that have helped me create more leads and convert more clients than I had before. She has helped me refine my message and build consistency. I’m always recommending Sally to people I meet

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