Your Book Maximiser

Turn your book into new profits, increase your visibility on-line with our done for you service

The Book Maximiser is for  Authors, Consultants, Trainers, Coaches, and Speakers who have written a book and want to maximise it for use on social media. And want someone else to CREATE it for them.

Turn your book into new profits, increase your visibility, stand out, be heard & reach more people online with our done-for-you service!

In six weeks!

Here’s an overview of what we do

The Cosmology Of Love – A recent example


We help YOU:

  • Increase your visibility so your brand value & trust increase
  • Leverage your expertise & showcase it to gain more opportunities.
  • Increase your credibility & value so you get more media exposure & become sought-after experts.
  • Increase engagement with your existing & new clients, so you can make more of a significant impact.

What we need from You is the following:

  • Your brand assets, logo, style guide, colours & fonts
  • Overview & description of your Ideal Client
  • Relevant images, photos,
  • Profile shots of you.
  • Your manuscript of the Book in PDF format.

Who is it for

  • For authors who want to leverage the blood, sweat & tears that have gone into writing their books.
  • For experts, thought leaders & speakers who struggle to create content constantly for social media and know this slows down their revenue growth.
  • For influencers & key people of influence who want to increase their consistency or frequency on social media so they can contribute & make greater impacts for their audience.
  • For authors with a powerful message, one of significant trauma, triumph & change that the world needs to hear right now.
  • How-to-experts, who break down steps or processes of action for self or business improvement

Who it is not for

  • Fiction Authors

Our process is 6 weeks:

week 1:  A discovery call with you to determine a strategic plan for the content we create.

week 3:  Template & Content Review

week 4:  Partial delivery of content

week 6:  Completed content delivery – your library of re-useable brand graphics

What you will get:

  • Personally Branded Canva Tile Tiles & Video’s that you can continue to use & repurpose.
  • 100 x Graphic Tiles – broken down into strategic campaigns – Tile Templates, Promotion, Thought Leader Quotes, Engagement Questions, Call to Actions, plus Video/Carousels created for you.

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Lara Wentworth – Lawyer, former Family Law Partner – NOW Performance and Wellness Coach for lawyers

Sally has turned out to be the piece of the puzzle that I’ve been looking for to help me focus my marketing efforts. She’s intuitive, insightful, strategic and knowledgeable. Sally is also warm, kind and nurturing which has made our journey together so enjoyable. Sally has helped me put into place lead generation strategies that have helped me create more leads and convert more clients than I had before. She has helped me refine my message and build consistency. I’m always recommending Sally to people I meet.