Success Secrets Exposed Show

Sally leads intimate conversations with today’s thought leaders, change-makers, disrupters and masters of their inner genius. Bringing you tips, strategies and insightful perspectives on a range of topics shaping our life’s and businesses growth, revealing the humaneness of success and challenge.

The Magic of Clarity

12/03/2021 – (50 min)

Clarity is the number one quality that we should strive for in communication. It is the basis of understanding, influence and action. In this conversation with Gary Edwards, Nevin Award winner and Certified Speaking Professional, he’ll talk about how his unique background as a lawyer, educator, negotiation expert – and professional magician! – led him to this conclusion, and how we can all use greater clarity to be more influential every time we speak.

What & How of Good Customer Service

05/03/2021 – (50 min)

Marketing Magic Episode – Sally & Celeste will share with you insights and tips on customer service to increase you revenue & referrals.

The term of customer service is now out dated & the new term and actions are “The Customer Experience”.
We chat on dealing with difficult customer, how to say yes to them and empower staff to problem solve and build on the customers experience, so you continue to get repeat business and positive word of mouth.
How listening, patience & empathy are key.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Attention Marketing for Business Growth

26/02/2021 – (50 min)

Join Wade Bekesi & Sally as they discussed growth strategies to scale businesses, how to niche to be proactive, which amplifies staff training. Understand how to build resources within you networks, create stand out moments and connect with people in a genuine way. Learn about creating routine and daily habits to retain focus and build momentum, leverage the assets of ‘been there done it’ experience you have in your networks.

Event Marketing -Understanding your target audience is key

19/02/2021 – (50 min)

Event Marketing – Understanding your target audience is key!!
Join us to learn tips and strategies to grow your events, workshops in this hybrid world.
Listen & Learn Why, understanding your audience is so critical to determine your success. Discover what are the key questions to ask yourself to maximise your Return On Investment. Understand where you target audience is found. Plan your events profits having the end in mind based on your delegates experience of you and your event.

Michael Grey is an experienced event manager and marketing professional who has personally managed or promoted over 200 events over the last 13 years with up to 16,000 attendees, has personally secured media coverage for clients to over 50 million people and some of his not-for-profit clients have seen an up to 300% increase in event profit after expenses. His clients doing online events also saw returns of up to 830% during Covid 19.

Michael brings a wealth of experience in event conception, marketing, sponsorship, public relations and managing events. Michael has worked on a very diverse portfolio of events from small business through to large multinational corporations, community groups and charities.

Prior to commencing MKG Events in October 2014, Michael has worked with a number of charities in fundraising and events and also worked for a marketing company managing their client’s corporate events.

How to Build Phenomenal Teams

12/02/2021 – (50 min)

Garie Dooley is obsessed with stretching and growing the brave, the mavericks in the making, & the game changers to create Phenomenal Teams and Legendary Leaders.
Talented people want to be stretched, they want to grow, they want to achieve amazing things, & they want to be engaged & feel empowered.
Learn how can you build not just a good team, but a Phenomenal Team.
Learn how to create a succession plan to build your legacy.
Learn about trust, real conversations, commitment & momentum in team

What’s your Brand Identity & Personality

05/02/2021 – (50 min)

Sally is a problem solver. Celeste is a strategist. Together, they have over 40-years of experience in business, sales, communications, & marketing.
Guided by data, performance, ROI & tested strategies, they have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to build successful brands. Learn about Understanding your Brand’s Identity & Personality.
Is it more than a Logo?
Why does your business exist both heartfelt and head felt?
How does your brand personality attract the right clients?
Listen in & learn.

Creating Dynamic Relationships

29/01/2021 – (50 min)

Creating Dynamic Relationships are within reach & available to us all. At the epicentre of our very existence, is the love of ourselves, what we think & who we believe we are. The only thing we can control is our thoughts. “We can’t solve PROBLEMS by using the same THINKING we used when we created them!” Tune into Sally & Garry’s discussion on relationships, the steps to defining & attracting the ideal partner for you. Using proven techniques for transformation.

Marketing Strategies to Fill Events

22/01/2021 – (50 min)

Michael has a wealth of experience helping clients and organisations do this with ease & fast. His experience comes from personally managing & promoting over 200 events in the last 13 years, with up to 16,000 attendees, secured media coverage for clients to over 50 million people.

Bamboo Wisdom

15/01/2021 – (50 min)

Business Growth Wisdom with 3 sisters, Trish, Navy & Susan created, Women’s Prosperity Network dedicated to inspiring, supporting & educating women within a trusted network of professionals. They share their tips on Sales, how it’s just a conversation, Customer Service & care is in the client journey & follow-up, Networking tips, Communication, Scaling & expanding globally, the foundation of fast business growth is having a big WHY. Being a Visionary with Guts. Listen in & gain their wisdom.

Networking & Collaboration for Business

08/01/2021 – (50 min)

Dim has a very strong background in company culture, growth and collaboration, advancing with absolute clarity and passion in establishing genuine impact and revenue outcomes for clients and partners.  He builds the road map, the vision that is easy to see and action.