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Sally leads intimate conversations with today’s thought leaders, change-makers, disrupters and masters of their inner genius. Bringing you tips, strategies and insightful perspectives on a range of topics shaping our life’s and businesses growth, revealing the humaneness of success and challenge.

Finding The Way Home

16/12/2022 – 50 mins

Peter Tran ia a macro economist & strategist specializing in predicting financial crises & identifying market changes. Who has written several books The Investment Blueprint & Finding the Way Home, originally inspired as a gifts for his daughter.
Find Your Way Home is the roadmap for unlocking full human potential. It provides a clear and decisive roadmap that lays the foundation for profound transformation – giving you endless new positive possibilities.

How the Enjoyment Factor Frees Us to Live Our Best Lives

18/11/2022 – 50 mins

Peter helps those in a life transition – whether that’s retiring or looking to re find enjoyment. He believes every person was born to enjoy living their best life, by developing their natural-born talents & their passionate interests. The world has changed since Covid. Enjoyment has become an important focus in this dramatically changing world.
Peters special interest is in helping individuals who are feeling the emotional pains of not enjoying life.                                                                                      Grab the manifesto here:

The Secrets to Simple Sustainable Scaling

21/10/2022 – 50 mins

Crista Grasso is a serial entrepreneur, international lean business consultant, coach, and accessory brand owner. Known as the “Business Optimizer”, who has the ability to quickly cut through the noise & focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to grow and scale a business. Specializes in identify the most important things to focus on right now that will drive maximum value for their customers & maximum profits for their business.

Amplifying Your Authority

15/09/2022 – 50 mins

Divya Parekh, is a 10 time #1 bestselling author, business growth strategist, & speaker, who will share with us today tips on building your authority. Like publications, books, podcast & more to build your authority assets. We also share on how collaboration & the ‘collective’ can help you transform & set flight to bigger impacts. Listen in & lean in to discover more join us, share & impact your corner of the world to impact the whole world collectively.

Win More Clients Using Visual Models

19/08/2022 – 50 mins

If you’ve ever struggled to communicate what you do clearly and succinctly, this episode is for you.
Renée Hasseldine is the founder and CEO of Think RAPT. Think RAPT is an award wining system that enables small businesses, consultants, experts & thought leaders to wrap up complex thoughts and ideas into powerful visual models so that they can streamline, stand out and scale their businesses.

Succession and Mentoring

29/07/2022 – 50 mins

Dr. Deborah Heiser is an Ageing Expert, the Founder of The Mentor Project which brings STEM mentors to schools and the community for FREE.
We discuss what we have to look forward to as we grow older.
Like expecting to become happier, to want to leave our mark on the world, and how we start to think about succession.
We discuss how we can do leave a legacy, why we are built to to this, and why it is so important we talk about this.

Being an empowered caregiver!

22/07/2022 – 50 mins

Susanne White believes caregivers are warriors.
Fearless, courageous, & passionate about protecting those they care for. Inspired by her own passion for caring for others & her personal journey caring for her parents, she created Caregiver Warrior, a resource hub & interactive place for those who take care of others.
Susanne shares wisdom from the inside of caregiving so others can survive their caregiving journey with grace & empowerment.

Helping Men Over 40 Achieve Optimal Health & Physique

10/06/2022 – 50 mins

Arman, works with men 40+ to give them back control of their life by improving their health, physique and mind. Helping them finish their day feeling energized, so they can to spend more quality time with their spouse, family, or on passion projects. So they can fight back against aging through proper mindset, nutrition, supplementation, exercise, recovery and hormone optimization for long-term sustainability.


How do you choose between the life you love and the man you love

03/06/2022 – 50 mins

As an author Nicola writes fiction novels about themes that affect many women – in her latest novel The Show Girl she discusses the challenges of career vs love which in some ways has mirrored challenges in her own life.
We discussed some of the common themes seen in the 1920’s that are still witnessed today, how dabbling helps you find your purpose, how networks, key mentors and communites of women are instrumental to our continued growth.

Divine Turbulence: Navigating the Amorphous Winds of Life

27/05/2022 – 50 mins

Six-year-old Gary loses his mother & stepfather to murder-suicide on a US Army base in Germany. Shipped back to the States, into a fiery den of torture, abuse, & enslavement. Now as a renown sculptor Gary is fulfilling Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl’s dream with a symbol of responsibility.
Gary’s memoir written with Bridget Cook-Burch proves that even amid sheer terror, choices upon choices shape our destinies.
A greater call resides within each of us. The question is, Will we answer it?