Don’t Just Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

13/10/2023 – 50 mins

Our guest for this episode is a Clinical dietitian/Psychologist. Despina Varaklas is a health educator, and communication Consultant for Health Professionals (HPs). A multilingual international speaker who worked in different countries with people from different cultures, religions, beliefs.

Her real pathos and longtime focus, lies in Patient Approach. In 2009, she put together her own patient approach system, the “WWYP Approach”, (Work With Yourself Work Your Patient). She uses this approach with her Clients / patients in her online business, but also teaches the approach to HPs helping them understand their own patients better, and realize the effect of their initial assessment on diagnosis and treatment.

As an award-winning international speaker, Despina has given countless talks on communication in healthcare as well as on nutrition topics. In her nutrition topics, she strongly focuses on the role of nutrition in diseases prevention. The healing properties of nutrients is a must in her discussions.

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