7 Key Foundational elements of the Perfect Pitch

07/07/2023 – 50 mins

Our Perfect Pitch is one that connects you to the right people at the right time. When you understand the 7 key elements of your Perfect Pitch you are able to deliver it with ease and confidence. Many people lack confidence when standing in front of an audience. Be it presenting at a management meeting, delivering training to your team, presenting a value proposition to potential clients, or simply delivering your Elevator Pitch.

People often think it is harder than it is, the truth is, with the tools and “know how” on hand, you are able to have confidence when presenting. With the tools and techniques, you will be in a position to deliver Your Perfect Pitch to anyone, anywhere, anytime with confidence giving you the opportunity to connect with the right people at the right time.

Our guest, Sarah Bauling has achieved great success working with clients overcome their discomfort in this space. The results have been phenomenal and you too can achieve this! Sarah is a Business Communication Strategist. As a professional speaker, trainer and author her energy and vibrant delivery will inspire and motivate her audience to make small and simple changes that will positively impact her audiences.

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