From ‘Sought After’ to ‘Sold Out’: Why Giving Away Your Best Content Can Catapult Your Business

From 'Sought After' to 'Sold Out'

In the age of information overload, the fear of giving away too much for free is real. 

We’re in a time when knowledge is currency, and providing our best insights without a price tag is counterintuitive. But what if I told you that giving away your top-tier content could be the strategy to move from being “Invisible and Unheard ” to being ‘Sought-after’ and ‘Sold-out’? Or better.

I was privileged to speak and share a presentation on Monetize your Content: Be Easy to Buy with a group of speakers last week.

I find it interesting how often I am asked the question about the “Fear of giving your best stuff away and the need to hang on to it.”  

So, I wanted to add some insight here for you.

Scarcity vs. Abundance Mindset:
 Pivoting from a scarcity to an abundance mindset is pivotal. Remember, knowledge isn’t finite; it grows as you do. The more you share, the more you learn.  The more of your own wisdom you unpack and discover. More content wisdom or opportunities.

The Iceberg Principle:
 Think of your content as an iceberg. The free value you offer is the tip, while your deeper insights are the submerged treasure. Enrol them in with a glimpse and show the depth of your premium services. Lead them on a journey of discovery with you.

Trust Building: Trust is hard to earn. By freely sharing knowledge, you demonstrate your expertise, making prospects more likely to invest in your premium offerings. Your content goal is to give them forward movement without you, help them and you will be rewarded with their Loyalty, Referrals and Business… often in that order

Implementation is Key: Knowledge without action is inert. Even if you share valuable insights, many need further implementation guidance—enter your paid services.

Evolving Expertise: 
Your “best” today will become foundational tomorrow. As you grow, so will the quality and depth of your insights. This is the genius of investing time in ‘unpacking your wisdom.’

The Barrier to Entry: Quality content sifts the curious from the committed, allowing you to focus on a dedicated audience.

Reach and Visibility:
 Freely shared content has wings. It travels, amplifies your reach, and stamps your authority in your niche.  You become the Obvious Choice!

Catering to Learning Styles: Information is one thing; guidance is another. Many will still crave personalised coaching or detailed workshops. This is exactly what happens!

Real-Time Relevance: Industries evolve. Today’s top tip may be tomorrow’s old news. People will pay for timely strategies.  We all have strategic insights that no one else has.  

Personal Connection: You are the unique, irreplaceable persona behind the content. The personal touch you offer in premium services is unparalleled.  It’s precisely what the world needs.  Go for it.

Be brave, and challenge the norm. 

Embrace a generous spirit and see how it enhances your brand’s trust and transforms your business trajectory. Move from being ‘sought after’ to consistently being ‘sold out’.

To you Sold out Success,


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