Revolutionize Your Content Creation & Scale Your Business with Canva’s Latest Features!

Get ready to level up your content game! 

Canva’s recent “A Brand New Era” event unveiled some fascinating features about changing how you create, collaborate, and share visual content. 

We want to share these game-changing updates that will help you scale your business with ease & support your teams.

If you like nerding out on or in Canva, watch the highlights here:

See the features here: 

Here are Our Top 6 from the announcements at Canva Create 2023:

1. Brand Hub: Say goodbye to brand inconsistency with Canva’s Brand Hub. It’s your one-stop shop for managing your brand’s visual identity, ensuring everyone on your team designs within your brand vision. 

You can even add guidelines to each brand element…. bossy…do & don’ts! It’s a massive time saver & frustration alleviator.

2. Bulk Create & Magical Replacements: Speed up your content creation process with Bulk Create, generating multiple design variations in no time. Plus, update logos or imagery across all designs effortlessly using Magical Replacements. 

This is great if you have a lot of content & want to share bitesize quotes or inspiration fast!

3. Magic Design: Let Canva do the heavy lifting by instantly generating tailored templates based on your uploaded images and chosen style. 

Focus on adding those unique touches that set you & your content apart.

4. Photo Editor Upgrades: Enhance your photos in seconds with Magic Edit and Magic Eraser, making complex edits a breeze. 

Love this!

4. Beat Sync: Bring your videos to life by automatically syncing your footage with its soundtrack, creating perfectly timed visuals that captivate your audience.

6. Create an Animation: Uniquely tell your story by customising animation paths in Canva Video, making your content truly stand out. 

This will be mind-blowing!

Check out & embrace these innovative features and bring back the fun in your business as it soars to new heights! 

I’d love to hear which features you love the most!!

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