Why Is Content Engagement Important? How Do You Create Content Engagement?

“Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!” says Mari Smith. Followers and impressions are less important. What matters more is how your audience engages with your content.

Here is where we explore the most important digital marketing metric, i.e., content engagement. In simple terms, a user engages with your Content when they take any action on your Content. Content engagement is a metric that helps you understand how much your audience is engaging with your Content.

But why is content engagement important? How can you drive content engagement and make your content appealing to your audience’s eyes and brains? Let’s explore the benefits and strategies of driving content engagement together.


Benefits Of Content Engagement

Leon Winkler, the director of International Events, Ubisoft said “Content is king…Focus on Content that is relevant to your audience. You need to have Content that captivates the attention…Then on top of that, you need to create something that is engaging and creates dialogue.” Let’s understand the benefits of content engagement in detail.

1. Helps In Increasing Brand Awareness

“Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I learn.” says Benjamin Franklin. Engaging content speaks about your brand to your audience. It represents you, not just your products and services. It becomes the face of your brand.

Thus, creating engaging Content that the users can easily connect with themselves, their problems or their life is a great way of increasing your brand awareness.

2. Helps You Expand Your Audience Base

You can personalize your Content in various ways. By experimenting with various types and forms of Content, you can win the attention of a diversified group audience. When a user likes your Content and engages with it, there are high chances that he will share it with his close ones. In short, engaging Content helps you in increasing your audience reach.

3. Increases Conversion Rates

About half of the audience interacts 3-5 times more with Content than with a sales representative. Engaging content speaks for you and your products giving the audience a reason to trust you. Thus, engaging Content is more likely to drive conversions and leads than a dull-looking post.

10 Ways To Boost Your Content Engagement

Content Engagement is the most crucial metric of your marketing funnel. Do you want to boost your content engagement? Let’s explore 10 ways in which you can increase your content engagement.

1. Create Content For Your Audience

Now, in the first go, I might sound absurd. Let me explain what I mean. Make sure that you create, keeping your audience in mind. Identify their interest areas and pain points and make your revolve around them. Unless your content is relatable to your audience, you cannot expect them to engage with it.

2. Create Interactive Content

You need to create a space for your audience to interact with your Content in order to engage them. Thus, you can go for interactive Content like live question and answer (Q&A) videos, quizzes, etc. You can even go out of the box and ask your audience to share any personal experience related to your Content. In this way, your audience will unknowingly engage with your Content.

3. Use And Create Videos  

About 86% of marketers say that video content has earned them numerous leads. Video content stays visible for long periods across all social feeds, rank higher on all platforms, and is a great way to stand out. Moreover, they offer your audience more insights into your brand and products. Video content is known to gain tremendous engagement. Thus, use videos and create video content.

4. Write Captivating Headlines & Introduction

User’s first impression of you, your brand, and your product is your headline. Make sure that you write a compelling and click-winning headline. Your headline and introduction must make the readers curious, thus convincing them to explore further. The longer a user stays on your Content, the higher the chances of him engaging with your Content.

5. Include Quotes & Statistics

Quotes and statistics from industry experts and Influencers are a great way of gaining the trust of your audience. People would love to explore your Content as they have the social proof.

6. Repurpose Engaging Content Ideas

You don’t need to look for engaging content ideas every time. Instead, you can reuse, recreate and repurpose your already existing content ideas. Repurposing content is a great way to make your existing audience interact with your Content and boost your Content to reach new audiences.

7. Determine How Often You Should Post

The frequency at which you should post Content varies greatly according to industry and individuals. There’s no hard and fast rule stating the frequency at which you should post Content. Thus, experiment with various frequencies and track down the performance. In this way, you can know at which frequency your audience demands Content from you.

8. Target Current Trends

According to Hootsuite, “Just join a conversation that’s already happening. Commenting on current events and trends in a way that ties in your brand is an opportunity to instantly connect with an audience in a timely way.”

People are attracted to current trends and events. Hence, always stay updated with your industry’s current events and trends. Moreover, your Content should revolve around those current topics in the hype.

9. Encourage Your Readers To Engage

Besides creating eye-catching and attention-grabbing Content, you need to encourage your readers to engage with your Content. Don’t forget to add a CTA at the end of your Content. It will remind your audience to take action.

10. Engage To Get Engagement

Sounds funny, right? But yes, you need to engage and interact with your audience if you want to gain engagement from them. After creating an engaging post with a CTA, you need to interact with every single comment in the comments section. The more you engage with your audience, the better they will know you, and the higher your chances of getting engagement.

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