What Does Consistent Posting Mean? Why Is Content Posting Important?  

“Brands are a product of trust, and trust is a product of consistency. There are no holidays in personal branding.” Richard Magoma, a human resource practitioner, said this famous line. The content of your brand represents and personifies your company which influences what your existing and prospective clients think about you.

With your content being the most important aspect of your digital marketing strategy, you must maintain consistency. Besides maintaining uniformity of your brand’s voice and tone in your content, you also need to post them consistently. But what is consistent posting? Why do digital marketers emphasize it so much? Let’s explore.

What Is Consistent Posting?

Consistent posting, in simple terms, means posting content consistently and continuously in regular fixed intervals without any break. Techipedia says that consistent brands tend to be 20% more trustworthy than inconsistent brands.

While discussing consistency, you should keep in mind that your content must have a unique yet consistent voice representing you and your brand across all platforms. But why is consistent posting important? Is consistency really important for your brand? Let’s find out together.


Why Is Consistent Posting Important?  

Millard Drexler said, “People like consistency. Whether it’s a store or a restaurant, they want to come in and see what you are famous for”. Consistency is the key to a successful marketing strategy, and here is why.

1. It’s The Demand Of The Algorithm

Did you ever wonder why you see ads of a product after searching anything about it across the Internet? It’s because the Internet and all the social media platforms trace a user’s interest areas by keeping track of the content and accounts she’s engaging with.

According to the algorithm, consistent posting helps you appear more on people’s timelines which means people are more likely to know about your brand and engage with your content. On the other hand, when you post irregularly, there are fewer chances that you’ll frequently occupy people’s timelines which means less visibility.

Thus, consistent posting aligns with the algorithm of most social media platforms and helps you boost your visibility before prospective and existing audiences, which results in higher engagement. Plus, your content stays on the top of the audience’s minds.

2. Consistent Posting Increases Engagement

Your content establishes the brand relationship between you and your brand. When you post consistently, you are more visible to your target audience. Higher visibility means higher engagement.

Higher engagement is a great way of building trust among your audience. Thus, consistent posting helps you increase your engagement and visibility, making it easier for you to consume and ultimately buy your credibility in the audience’s minds.

3. Consistent Posting Helps You Gain More Leads

With consistent posting as a part of your marketing strategy and CTA-included content, you can maximize your leads in the long run. According to Forbes, with a consistent posting strategy on all platforms, you can increase your blog traffic by 90%, Facebook followers by 30%, LinkedIn by 8%, and Twitter by 9% simultaneously. To recap, consistent posting is a proven way to increase your organic visibility & gain more leads.

4. Consistent Posting Helps You Understand Your Audience

The more consistent you are in posting your content, the more your audience engages with you. The more your engagement is, the more you discover the touch points of your audience. When your content gains higher engagement, your audience will interact the most with it, dropping their suggestions and pain points. In this way, consistent posting helps you understand your audience and their needs more intimately.

5. Consistent Posting Boosts Your SEO

High-quality and consistent posts, when integrated into a developed content strategy, let’s say, a pillar/cluster model, will improve your SEO rankings. Also, consistent posting follows the algorithm of most social media platforms which is why they boost your content’s SEO.

6. Consistent Posting Helps You Spread Your Brand Awareness

When you post content consistently on all platforms, you are more often shown on your target audience’s timeline and feed. Their interactions and engagements help you land in the feed of other prospective audiences who may be interested in you and your brand. Thus, consistent posting is an integral part of a content marketing strategy and is a great way to spread your brand’s awareness.

7. Consistent Posting Is An Affordable Marketing Strategy

According to Wayne Breitbarth, “Consistency is one of the cornerstones of a good marketing strategy.” Compared to other marketing strategies, such as traditional marketing, paid advertisements, and video marketing, content wins the game because it’s a timeless asset. It keeps flourishing as long as it stays on the platform. Thus, many marketers consider posting content consistently an affordable marketing strategy.


Final Takeaway

If the content is the king, consistency is his power! Consistent posting will help you unleash the power of great and high-quality content. It’s why consistent posting shouldn’t be a one-time strategy but a continuous daily habit for you and your brand. Here are a few ways in which you can ensure that you post content consistently:

  1. Create A Content Calendar.
  2. Plan and prepare your content in advance.
  3. Schedule your content.
  4. Repurpose your content. Repurposing ideas and content where your audience has shown maximum interest helps you save time, money, and effort while you create multiple contents around the idea that appeals to and engages your audience.

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