Six Ways To Grow Your Social Community

Idowu Koyenikan says, “There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.” A loyal social community will cut your marketing costs by half. Sounds surprising, right? But, it’s true. Your social community will preach about you and your products to a whole new set of audiences who will turn into your clients later.

You will be bowled over to know that the social media community is as big as 4.70 billion. According to Smart Insights, all these people spend an average of 2.30 hrs on social media every day. You can imagine the massive engagement you can draw to your business. But not everyone is interested in your business. You need to build your community, a group of people that needs your services or content. And to be frank, this is not a cakewalk.

But, it’s not a Herculean task, either. All you need to do is follow some simple steps to build and grow your loyal social community. Here are 6 ways in which you can do it.

1. Start Your Community From A Group

The best way to initiate building your community is by involving your existing customers. You must have an audience who has tested your products and must know the services you provide. Use their support to grow. Post their interviews, and allow them to speak out their feelings associated with your business.

Post testimonials to draw the attention of new audiences with similar interests. The new audience will start following your community with a sort of trust. If a group of people like your products, they will definitely suggest their fellow mates; it’s natural. Tell your audience about your social presence so that they can connect directly.

2. Respond To Your Audience

It might be difficult and sometimes annoying, but it has a tremendously impeccable effect. Your audience will love to hear back from you. They must know that you respect their feedback and interest. When you like or reply back to their comments, they will appreciate your response. They will engage more with your content.

You can make them feel special by giving shout-outs or uploading dedicated posts for them. It has a positive impact on the growth of your community.

3. Give Life To Your Posts

Faceless posts are less engaging. Where will you choose to stay, a post having engaging videos and images with real-life people or text-based images? Posting content consistently is a good practice, but you also need to ensure that each piece of content is entertaining and engaging. Showing your face to your clients and engaging with them gives a personal space and a sort of transparency at the same time. Don’t act like a robot before your clients. Let them know how positive you are with your products and services. Isn’t it necessary?

4. Offer Rewards

Rewarding is by far the most successful way of attracting a client. Unless someone gets some value from your content, they will barely pay any attention. Surprisingly giveaways, offers, and deals are 34% more effective than other strategies. Many influencers offer rewards in order to perform special activities or any specific kind of engagement.

You can involve the new or existing users with referral, product testing, and promotion kind of activities to provide rewards. In this strategy, you are not just investing your money but also doing an indirect ad promotion, which brings organic engagement.

5. Try Advertisement

It may sound surprising, but it takes too long to grow organically without any advertisement. It is not impossible to grow naturally, but the probability is very low even after doing everything properly. Many social media pages or communities share great contents to their group, but they are still underrated. The main reason is reach, and you need to reach like-minded people in order to grow a community. When like-minded people fail to find you, you need to reach them.

Advertisements or ad campaigns are highly targeted. They help you choose and target the right audience for your products using various parameters you have given. Your advertisement will reach directly the desired audience with your products. You can easily get an audience who is interested only in your products.

6. Quality and Quantity

Quality and Quantity are the most crucial elements of the growth process, which you can’t ignore. You need to focus both on the quality and Quantity of your content. Powerful content will keep your audience engaged, but you need to post your content regularly and consistently in order to keep them engaged.

Give your audience enough reason to come back to your channel, page, etc., and be your clients. How can you do that? – by producing new content constantly. They always need something new and changing. You need to consistently improve your content and bring up new and exciting content for your clients.

Final Takeaway  

Margaret J. Wheatley says, “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” A strong and loyal community is all you need to market your products to new audiences and clients. So, stop thinking and start working. Start forming your little loyal community today and grow it big together.

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