Sense-Making Architecture:

Why do you need to be a Sense Maker?

According to the Institute for the Future, three of the 10 key skills for the future are:
1. Sense-making
2. Social intelligence
3. New Media Literacy

This means that being a sense maker is the best way to future-proof you and your business!

What is Sense-Making?

Sense making is the ability to take today’s crazy information overload and turn it into simple-to-understand chunks which are meaningful and relevant to the individuals or communities you serve. The information then makes sense from your community’s world view.

How to Dynamically Position Yourself as a Sense-Maker?

Being a translator or sense-maker, whose role it is to help your clients make sense of the world, is the greatest way to position yourself in your area of expertise. And, it is much needed, right now, so your clients will thank you for it.

Here are the steps to position yourself as a Sense-Maker.

You can use these when writing articles, educational posts or sales collateral.

steps to position yourself as a Sense Maker

Here’s an example of how this works in a client conversation:

A client who have recently created a Sales Tool & transformed their sales conversions from 5% to 90%

1. A Sales Tool for Massive Profitable Change

2. In our business, using this sales tool has meant that we have been able to move from thinking “What the hell are we doing? People don’t want our services !” – to thinking – “People can see the value in what we do, can SEE how they can get results, and are now willing to align with us.”

This has given us a massive confidence boost.

3. There are three reasons for this shift:

First, having a sales tool to walk people through made it easy for us to explain what we do.

Second, it made it easy for the client to see their personal situation and how we can help them. The visual model we created clearly enables clients to see their personal reality. No smoke and mirrors, just the transparent truth of their situation.

Third, the sales tool is something that we can leave with the customer – “something of us” that remains with the customer to think through for themselves. Because of this, customers end up selling themselves on the need for our services.

4. For our clients, it’s a bit like knowing they want an outcome but not knowing how to get there, because they are not able to see the situation or the steps to change. Our sales tool enables the client to see their situation easily, so what that means for them is they can see the reality and now the steps to take to make the change> It’s easy to see and understand, so it’s easy to buy.

5. As a result, our sales conversion have gone from a 5% to a 90% conversion.

6. We help clients understand their Debt, their Lifestyle and their Goals, and how to plan for the success they want. We created a visual model that clearly shows our clients their situation which is part of our sales brochure.

7. We invite them to join us now if they are ready to make the changes or to stay informed and involved in our community via regular updates and tips.

So here is my invitation to YOU.

Do you struggle with sales?
And you don’t want to be a pushy sales person, don’t want to feel too noisy or too needy in the eyes of your clients.

Let’s build your credibility & confidence with a sales tool and process to help you, that comes from the essence of you and therefore it’s easy for you to use & be proud of.

Call me 0407607809 or Hit reply to this post with “Help” or Tell me more” and lets chat…..

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