Marketing Turn-Arounds by a Perfectionist

Marketing is all about creating a connection and gaining a reaction.

Its taken me a long time to admit out loud that I am a perfectionist. As I write this now I am taken back to a scene from Finding Nemo where the sharks all give knowing looks to one another and say, “OK. Denial.”

As a perfectionist that is passionate about market, who’s know for great results, can you imagine the shear horror, the dying inside of embarrassment when I realised I had a spelling error on my business card!! Talk about wanting to melt away, seep through the floor boards into the cold earth underneath Adelaide.
Plus I hate wasting money!

So what is the lesson here for me?

What is a easiest way to turn around this marketing nightmare into a great opportunity?

Now when I am running workshops or speaking I share the Story. The terror, the gut wrenching moment I had over my business card not being perfect. How I chose not to stop and turned the problem into an opportunity. That action with a funny story goes along way to connect with an audience.

So I ask my audience, “Can you find the intentional error?” (My business card is in their kits)
They all search to find it, its obvious but the brain doesn’t pick it up straight away, which is why the error got through in the first place!

This demonstrates that anything is possible in marketing and the ways I can guide clients to grow their business by adding a ‘human dash’ of them!

By turning marketing problems around into opportunities, sharing a personal story or two.

The lessons learnt; Imperfect Action is Better than Perfection. We build ourselves out of the Story.

That error, has turned into a real opportunity, people connect at a deeper level, people keep my card and share the story as it relates to them with others. Bottom line, the Sally TWIST has become not only a great story but a high converting profitable one.

So what marketing problem do you have that you could turned around simply and created into a profitable opportunity?

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