Finding Your Winning Marketing Mix

Marketing is an essential part of any profitable business. If you want your business to grow, you have to invest in marketing, both paid and unpaid.

However, finding the right strategies or combination of strategies can be a confusing process. Here’s how to find the right marketing mix for your business and you.

Start Small and Stay Focused

Don’t try to tackle several marketing strategies at once. Choose one strategy. Create a goal for that tactic and a plan to achieve that goal.

For example, if you want to drive traffic to your website, you might create a free report and advertise that free report using PPC (pay per click) ads. Your goal may be to get 1,000 subscribers create a few ads to support that.

When you start small and stay focused, you’re able to give your full attention to the success of your chosen marketing strategy and understand why it is working or not.

Test and Track

When you implement your marketing strategy, it’s important to create a system to test and track your results. That way you can tell if your marketing is working. You can also make small tweaks to the campaign to see what generates the best results.

Which is another reason why it’s important to start small and focused. You have the time, energy and attention to maximise your strategy so it performs at optimum.


Consider how you can integrate your marketing strategies into your website and other marketing efforts. For example, if you’re using PPC to drive traffic to your opt-in list, can you also link to your opt-in list on your Facebook profile?

Before you add another marketing strategy to your overall marketing, make sure it will integrate with your existing marketing strategies. This integration can help you get maximised results from your efforts.

As you integrate each new strategy into your marketing mix, make sure you test and track. Do not ignore this step, as so many solopreneurs are tempted to do. Testing and tracking is the key to making sure you have the best marketing mix for your business. It’s only with actual information—not guesses that you can know how things are (or are not) working for you.

Avoid Hype and Trends

Don’t jump onto new marketing trends too quickly. Explore your options with caution and consideration. Know what works best for you and your personality, strengths & natural giftedness.

If a strategy makes sense to you, whether it’s new or a tried-and-true tactic, then give it due consideration. Repeat the process outlined here. Start small. Test and track. Integrate into your existing marketing strategy.

Remember that you are not obligated to be the “beta tester” (aka, the early adopter) of any new strategy. Resist the temptation to jump on the bandwagon of the newest shiny object.

Stay True to Your Mission, Vision and YOU

Before you try any new marketing tactic, pull out your business plan. Make sure the strategy supports your mission, vision and You.

Often one or two simple marketing strategies are all it takes to grow your business to your biggest dreams and goals. To paraphrase a common suggestion, keep it simple, sweetheart!

Sally A Curtis -Author’s content used under license, © Claire Communications

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