What Business Owners Can Learn from Apple

Last night while my head was thinking of new connections & opportunities I was reminded of an old article that I loved.

I often have conversations with Mumpreneurs about being SuperMum, managing a thriving business & engaging your kids in your vision.  This prompted the reminder of the content in this article about the “Secondary Influencers of the sales process” in dot point 7.

  1. Sell the benefit. 

Apple Store specialists are taught to sell the benefit behind products and to customise those benefits for the customer. For example, I walked to the iPad table with my two young daughters and told the specialist I was considering my first iPad. In a brilliant move, the specialist focused on my two daughters, the ‘secondary’ customer who can influence a purchase. He let the girls play on separate devices. On one device he played the movie, Tangled, and on the other device, he brought up a Disney Princess colouring app. My girls were thrilled and, in one memorable moment, my 6-year- old turned me to and said, “I love this store!” It’s easy to see why.

Instead of touting “speeds and feeds,” the specialist taught us how the device could improve our lives. I also watch last night how excited my son, who is 11 was when asked if he would like to earn some pocket money by doing some uploading of photos to my partners website.  Yes, there was pocket money involved!!!  However he does simply want to be involved….and don’t most kids…..given the opportunity….want to love to learn new stuff & have their lives enriched?

This thirst for knowledge & enrichment is what can assist parents to enrol their kids into their business vision.  Aren’t we often in our own business for our kids?

Rory has helped in my varied business activities since he was about two years old, back then it was counting out pop sticks & pom poms into craft gift boxes.  I have watched 12-month- olds help with adding inserts to promotional material….anything can be achieved.  Sometimes we need to think about it & take the time with our kids.

It’s a small investment with BIG payoffs. After all, it’s these times that make up the moments that will be remembered later on.

Anyway, that was the thought for today & the full article has some fabulous reminders of why Apple is so successful & how we all can be too.

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