The Unconscious Score Card. You’re in or out

The Unconscious Score Card is how we all evaluate, every interaction we have with everyone, every day!

You are instantly In or OUT!

Five years ago based on research, the experts said we had only 17 seconds to build your first impression. In today’s time frames that have dwindled down to only 3-7 seconds, as we are now an instant society. In fact, we have the attention span of goldfish. Which is 3 seconds, a very scary thought, isn’t it.

So let’s get back to the Unconscious Score Card, You are judged in an instant. You’re In or OUT!

Knowing how & why you are being judged against the Scorecard is the building block. It’s how your business will flourish or flounder.

Let me give you an example of what I think most people have probably experienced. You’ve been to an event, a breakfast, or a networking function, where you get into a conversation with somebody. There’s interest in the conversation. So you’re intently talking with them, and then all of a sudden you get this hinky feeling. You start to feel uncomfortable, and you may step backwards & change your body posture.

What has just happened?

That hinky feeling comes about because of the Unconscious Scorecard, which is at play with every interaction that you have, and it happens instantly. In you mind you are unconsciously asking yourself a series of determining questions.
Something they have said verbally or non-verbally has triggered an alarm bell, a feeling of; “This isn’t right! Somethings out of whack!”

The Three Unspoken Questions on the Unconscious Scorecard are:

  1. Can I trust you?
  2. Will you do what you said you’d do?
  3. Do I matter to you?

In today’s sales & business world, if you are selling something you don’t believe in or feel isn’t relevant to the client. Your body will visibly display that truth; you will be incongruent in your messages. The conversation flounders, business stops. Your opportunities cease.

The Unconscious Scorecard forms part of your influence in the sales process.

People want to feel that they can trust you & do business with you over the long term confidently. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “People do business with those they know, like & trust.”

The first element of building that confidence is your congruency. It is everything you say, everything you do. It will be how others perceive you. What you believe in is displayed visually, what you say is done with tonality, what you are renowned for will build your reputation. These elements are how you are judged against the Unconscious Scorecard.

The goal is to align all of your messages with you and your business, so the words are clear & uncluttered. Sometimes you have to get out of your way & have fresh eyes to assist with these marketing messages. This way your network, your customers & yourself, are clear & understand what you stand for and who you are at the heart. People feel this clarity of knowing & it is why they are drawn to you, your attraction factor.

When your customers can “explain & edify” you, your referrals & influence will skyrocket. Leads & Sales become effortless.
When talking to people about your business, what can you do to improve your congruency?

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