3 Questions I always get asked about acquiring customers

What you say to me……

“I need more customers, but not just any old clients. I want long term loyal, high-quality customers, that take action in their business & send referrals to me.

FACT: There are two current shifts in global trends occurring right now.

A change to Customer Focus events, not sales events, experience events like Pamper Nights, Expos, Meet & Greet info nights, Bringing you & your clients together to celebrate milestones achieved, Charity events.
Women are moving from being masculine, ballsy & competitive back to being collaborative together.

FACT: My information is supported up by Global Marketing Sources.

Let me explain the simplicity of a Collaborative Partnership. It is two or more businesses working together to produce an outcome while they retain their individual identities.

Where do I find MORE Great Quality Loyal CUSTOMERS that I will love to work with?

Let’s have a look a customer acquisition…….

“On average, a loyal customer is worth 10X as much as their first purchase.
You have a 5-20% probability of selling to a new client.
However, you have a 60-70% probability of selling to an EXISTING customer.”
Source: Marketing Metrics

Let’s make the percentages work for you. Working smarter alongside & with someone else in a collaborative partnership.
The rule of percentages for existing customers, the 60-70% applies to other people’s existing loyal customers that can become yours.

When you create a customer focused event, they act as a third party endorser of you & your services, as you do for them. This builds tremendous trust in their clients of you; it shortens the sales cycle & you both get to the right customers quicker.

Look for partners that share the same customers as you but aren’t competitors. As a hairdresser, makeup artist, fashion boutique, personality profiler or an accountant, real estate agent, mortgage broker & conveyancer all would share similar clients.

How do I continue to GROW my business & RETAIN these great customers?

Loyal customers love us because we provide excellent service, we make an impact & make them feel good about their decision to work with us. When you add to this already good relationship an incredible experience, such as a customer focused event, you deepen their sense of belonging. You provide them with education or information that is relevant to them which creates an outcome for them.
This sense of belonging is an undeniable human need. It’s primal & fundamental requirement for our happiness & well-being; we seek it out.

So many big brands are using events alongside their digital marketing strategies & getting back the face to face connection. They are consciously moving from just the reliance on a faceless dialogue with their customers. Events build a database of relationships & a feeling of community & of valued.

“70% of customers will pay more & stay longer based on how they feel they are treated.”
Source: Touch Agency
“9:10 customers will pay more for superior service.”
Customer Service Impact Report Harris Interactive – Consumer Affairs

Imagine, when you have a great experience don’t you share & tell everyone you know? Your reputation & your business can grow rapidly due to the word of mouth alone. You haven’t even strategised or involved the media for PR opportunities yet!


When you set up collaborative partnerships & have trusted relationships with other businesses your clients need, you can;

  • Add other people products to your offerings increasing your profit options.
  • Offer products from other business where you get an affiliate commission.
  • You can provide high-quality referrals & get a success fee.
  • Create something new together & add to your product/service offer.
  • Develop a high ticket item together & cross-promote it.

Ok, those are the three most common questions I get asked. If you have any additional ones, please don’t hesitate to connect.

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