Overcoming Fear In Business

Overcoming Fear- Instructions on Business Building – Like making a cake. Ask for Instructions – Step by Step.  Don’t just accept feedback or opinions.

Starting a business from scratch is tough, sometimes staying in it is even tougher.

As business owners & parents, we have emotional roller coasters in life. Big ones.

When you hit a pause point in your business or get stuck due to fear of the unknown. Or you’re totally overwhelmed….. Seek out mentors that have been there, with actual done it & experience, not just advise but the experience of HOW to smash through it, knock it over, get its knowledge.

Step One – Think of the one  BIG question you need to know to solve the challenge you are having?

Step Two – Find the Mentor ( who’s overcome the challenge you face).

Step Three – Invite them for coffee or a quick chat.

Step Four –  Ask them the question based on their experience in solving it.

Step Five – Listen.

Step Six – Take the instructions on board.

Step Seven – Take ACTION, follow through.

Step Eight – Rinse & repeat for every challenge that comes your way (you now control the roller coaster). Building a business is just like making a cake with a recipe.

Having a great recipe = is the equivalent of a great mentor.

The ingredients =  Are your specific & pertinent questions to ask to gain the instructions.

The Steps = Acting on the instructions given.

The cake (result) = Implementation of instructions + Follow through to achievement.

Equals a great business, that grows quickly with less stress & time wasted.

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