Facing FEAR & Embarrassment – What our kids can teach us.

Ever found yourself looking back & wishing you’d done something? Knowing now that it would have made a difference?

Yeap me too!!

So today’s lesson comes from a conversation with Rory, my then 11-year- old!!

On the weekend he was apprehensive about going to Karate training. He shared that he was embarrassed,  due to not attending in a while, plus as the highest grade belt, he didn’t want to mess up.

He did go & came back with a smile.

So I asked what happen..”It was a good training mum & if you take action, it’s ok.”

The worst stuff was in my head.”  WOW!

General Lesson: We make up the worst possible scenarios & crap in our own minds, we feed our fear. Action dissolves it.  Noticing what you say puts you in the box seat.

I wrote this after a meeting last week — Would I repeat the CRAP I tell myself to Rory? Absolutely;

NOT.  Point – Shut the Grotty Goddess down, Listen to the Good Goddess in you head.

My Fear was- not being able to write.

My Lesson – However based on the feedback on my last posts & my other social sites…perhaps I should have taken action sooner.  I could have impacted more people sooner by sharing the insights along the way in writing, not just as a speaker or coach.

Action is EMPOWERING!!

What empowering action have you taken?  What have your kids taught you in business?

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