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Done WITH You Marketing Solutions to keep it Simple, Effective & Profitable!

Marketing is only an expense when done incorrectly!

Confused?  Overwhelmed? And Need More Clients?

Tailor-made Solution Packages for Small Business Owners from $200!

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1. Overwhelm to Clarity Session


What are your problems or pause points, knowledge gaps, overwhelm points and Why?


What do you need right now?

Your first profit opportunity.

Together we will..

Simplify your marketing process,

Determine the next steps,

Create the outline of your strategy to move forward.

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2. Confusion to Focus Session

Are you sick of hearing, You need to niche, who's your target market? Does this cause you to scream out thunderously......"BUT HOW!"......while simultaneously landing comatose on the floor!

Together we will..

Accurately define your first ideal target market.

Recognise, define and outline the next potential target market.

Define your next steps.

Using my simple, proven and powerful system and process, 

Together we will..

Define your ideal target market,

Determine where to find them,

How to engage with them based on You, Your personality and skills.

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3. From Spray & Pray to Planned

We now know; 

Who your ideal target market is, 

Where to find them, When and How to engage with them.

Together we will..

Develop an action plan. 

A marketing and business development plan that is easy to see in daily, weekly, monthly incremental steps and actions. 

Easy to implement, easy to stick to, visually appealing, simple to understand, quick to adapt, so it isn't out of date in a week. 

Its totally flexible so it changes with you and your business as you grow.

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4. Accelerate Your Profits

Together we will..

Plan your Profits in Advance

Look for additional leverageable opportunities hidden in plain sight,

Create an implementation strategy. 

Add to your plan.

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Additional Add-on Options;

Done with You VIP Events

Done with You Collaborative Partnerships

Done for You Marketing Solutions

Done for You Business Show Cases

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