♦  Mapping & Adding Value to Your Business  Network – Book
Book - Mapping & Adding Value to your Business Network

Written especially for mums and women to help them set up their own business or revitalise an existing one. This book will teach you how to build your own network using your connections. You will map your current connections and learn how to connect with collaborative partners.

Discover who you want to collaborate with and more importantly, why and how!

The book takes you through the actual steps of HOW TO QUANTIFY YOUR CURRENT CONNECTIONS and RETHINK THEM IN QUALITY WAYS to help you find the right strategic partners


› Steps you can take to learn and train to operate a business

› Combating your fears and stress related to connecting with others

› How to keep your eyes and ears open for hidden collaboration opportunities

› Understanding your traits and setting yourself up for success in Joint Ventures

› How to map out and quantify your connections

› How you can turn them into quality Strategic Wealth Networks

› Involving your children in business and setting them up for future success


 ♦  It's Not How It's WHO! - Manual
WorkBook - Its Not how, It's WHO

Over 120 unique exercises to help mums and women map out and identify their networks and find those key connections they can use to skyrocket their business. Perfect with the Connecting Mum Entrepreneurs book!


› Identifying your aims in business related to your core values

› Help you deal with the most common concerns women have in business

› Different ways you can understand your unique connection map

› Develop a complete picture and understanding of every person you know

› Learn to identify unique, hidden opportunities in your network or in a 1-Away network

› Turning chaotic networks into strategic ones

› Discovering your purpose and passions to reinvent and revitalise your business

Sold as a 2 Book SET

to accelerate your personal & business growth.

Book & Manual

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