Having been a small business, and having worked with a number of small businesses over the years, I know the struggles that they face on the road to success. The long nights of worry. The thankless overtime spent trying to get everything right. The scrambling to market your business the

Successful small business and smart marketing go hand in hand, but you will not believe the number of businesses I encounter who are really struggling with their marketing. For many, it’s the ball and chain of small business ownership, the thing that eats up their hours and ultimately drags them

Marketing is all about creating a connection and gaining a reaction. Its taken me a long time to admit out loud that I am a perfectionist. As I write this now I am taken back to a scene from Finding Nemo where the sharks all give knowing looks to one

If you’ve recently launched your new business, new product or services, getting paid premium price is one of the biggest barriers that you will need to overcome in 2017. To increase profit in business, there are top 5 ways you need to grow successfully… video presented by Prabin Gautam Position

Marketing is an essential part of any profitable business. If you want your business to grow, you have to invest in marketing, both paid and unpaid. However, finding the right strategies or combination of strategies can be a confusing process. Here’s how to find the right marketing mix for your

David sparked a fruitful conversation around waste when he gently asked the cafeteria manager at his workplace whether food might be served without additional containers or wrapping unless requested. Susan worked a whole year to bring a group of high school students from New Zealand to Australia to train other

When the seemingly relentless demands at work and burdens of a busy life take their toll on your work performance, we tend to think that managing our time better will improve the situation. If we can just work faster, multitask more efficiently, things will be better, we think, as we

Life is about making choices. Imagine fronting up to the counter at your local ice cream parlour and asking the owner for “whatever you think I’d like.” Of course you wouldn’t do that. With a veritable rainbow of ice cream flavours & toppings tempting you, making a choice might be

Imagine for a moment the space, this article contains is blank, a fully blank screen. Imagine the time and energy it might have taken someone who procrastinates to: think about doing the article, put it on a list of “to dos,” talk about doing it, make a promise to herself

Here is a quick video on Maximising Opportunites, turning Marketing Opportunties into Collaborative Partnerships & Engaging Customers that share your passions and grow your business.  This video was inspired after having coffee with Peter Nicholls who has written The Hunger to Grow – How to enjoy the dessert years of