About Sally A Curtis

I’m an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Mother based in Adelaide, Australia. I’ve built successful businesses while raising a child and nurturing a family. You need a sense of humour to do that!

I have over 20 years of Sales, Business Development & Marketing experience across a variety of industries including Grocery, Media, Cosmetics, Events & Franchising. Specialising in Local Area Marketing where you become the Local Hero and Expert.

Known as the Connector, I love nothing more than to solve problems by working with great people who have great services or products & sing their praises loudly.

I help you

Generate more quality leads, convert your leads to sales and opportunities, and increase your profits by 20 – 30% in 90 days.  With a predictable and tailored  “Done for Your Marketing Solution”, we have the team of proven Experts to make your marketing endeavours stress-free.

I bring a strong strategic focus to business growth & marketing. I find collaborative partnerships to accelerate growth in business. Which is why one of my favourite quotes by Robert Kiyosaki, “The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work.”

I would love to assist you to do & be more of what you love.


Before I got here

I have over 20 years of Business Development, Sales & Marketing experience across a variety of industries and companies, Aussie Farmers Direct, Val Morgan, McCain Foods, Clinique and Lancome. 

I have also worked alongside leading entrepreneurs, like

- Dale Beaumont (CEO of Dream Express International), 

- Duane Alley (Founder/CEO of Performance Results), 

- Mike Handcock (Chairman/Founder of Rock Your Life Global), 

- Dr Joanne Martin (Founder of One of Many and Shift Enterprises UK), and 

- Shaune Clarke (Founder of 6 Figure Speaker Training and Big Brand Speaking).

It’s my belief that business & life is fun, easy & collaborative.  I know this because when you have the right experts & connections that support & inspire you, it is.


Some of my major achievements have been

- Local marketing expert for NewsCorp Ltd, National Sales Events

- Featured as a leading SA Female Entrepreneur in the book Lounge to Boardroom

- LinkedIn strategy for a client produced a 42% conversion rate

- Partnering revenue of $700,000 in 3 months for a speaker.

- A fabulous son and a great relationship with ex-husband

I would love to assist you to identify your Best next steps, your strategies to more Profits, to having more fun that gives you more Time to do what matters most to You.

Please email sally.a.curtis@icloud.com

Want to know what my happy clients say about me?

A recent client describes me as always looking for the greatest wins for all parties while another declares me to be ‘elegantly perceptive’.

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Find out even more of my fun facts

  1. When I’m not business building and creating collaborations I can be found at home watching an inspiring movie with a delicious glass of red wine.
  2. I love walking in nature: In the beautiful Adelaide Hills.  It helps me connect with and reawaken my intuition, energy and awareness.
  3. I love ferrets for their free spirited, joyous, cheeky and playful approach to life. The way they play loudly and then snuggle up tight and sleep peacefully – almost with a smile on their faces.
  4. I’ve got a hidden talent for creating costumes, without sewing. Using only a glue gun, sticky tape and staples, I’ve created  superhero and alien outfits for my son Rory. My most weird costume was a Scottish kilt for a 6-foot tall Aussie Farmers cow mascot, Mootilda!
costume-son-crop-230 Kilt I made for 6ft cow, no sewing only glue&staples Rory - FLAME ON 2!
Alien outfit for my son Rory Kilt I made for 6ft cow,
with Cosi from South Aussie
Rory - Flame On!
  1. I can’t dance but I entered a Can Can event (in full costume with frilly knickers!) with a few of my friends.
  2. As soon as my son and I wake up in the morning we don’t stop talking, laughing, having fun and enjoying life. We both can talk underwater with marbles in our mouths!
  3. My two favourite quotes: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and “Opportunities are a daily occurrence and often hidden in plain sight.”


Ready for a new easy way of doing business, with collaboration, community support and freedom?